Sohail Anjum Professional Photographer of Pakistan

Fashion photographer Sohail Anjum is a man who is also contributing immensely to give a good boost in the field of Fashion photography.

Now Fashion photographer Sohail Anjum is working as a freelance Fashion Photographers in Asian Magazine and in a variety of picture agencies. Fashion photographer Sohail Anjum also worked for about five years in one of the UK’s leading South Asian newspaper, Eastern Eye, as the Picture Editor.

Pakistan has young, talented people in every field and their creative work is really brilliant and Sohail Anjum is one of them, the most promising and demanding photographer whose artistic skills are really great with passion and sincerity, was born in London and has spent much time over there, first started his career in the United Kingdom. Sohail is contributing in the field of photography with his full guts for 15 years, gained a big appreciation through the photography of the most popular South Asian Celebrities.

Sohail Anjum is included in those photographers who always strive for creativity which lead him to develop his own exceptional style and techniques to portray his ideas, his working style and the zealous behavior is very famous because he knows how to display anything from the eyes of a camera and present it in such a manner that looks elegant and tremendous.

Sohail Anjum has an honor to take the photographs of renowned international celebrities that includes Christopher, Amitabh Bahchan, Sharukh Khan and Aishwaryah Bahchan, it is not not wrong to say really Sohail Anjum is a pride of Pakistan Fashion Industry. His personality is very social and have a big friend community, he likes to meet people, share ideas, involve in social activities and has a very simple and decent style of talking.

Sohail has been associated with different magazines like Asian Times, Daily Mail, XPOZ Pakistan, Masala Dubai and many more, he always tries to do something very different in his field to impress the people and show his hidden ideas that are really exceptional and speechless. It is surprising that in a short time he got much popularity among people as a Pakistani and several times is appreciated by great people because of his versatility and passionate working without any mistake or error, nowadays he is working as “Free Lance Photographer” in the Asian Magazine and also in many other picture Agencies.

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Sohail Anjum Professional Photographs

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