Suffuse by Sana Yasir

Suffuse Founded in 2012 by Sana Yasir with the true meaning of Pakistani luxury fashion which designs delicate and endearing clothing. Suffuse gives importance to signature floral patterns, Intricate aesthetics and glittering embellishments that celebrate femininity. 

Sana Yasir is the creative head of Suffuse. She has her private studio that exclusivity importance for customised formals and evening wears. Over two years she proved her brand and got its potential with refined design of print, semi-formals, wedding wear, and bridal collection that colored with rich handcrafted techniques and pure sophisticated fabrics.

Suffuse by Sana has clients from Canada, London and United States, Suffuse Designs are for all around the world woman with exotic motifs. Suffuse by Sana also introduce Interplay of screen prints, feminine embroideries and diverse mediums for high-end lines.

The balance of colors, textures, embroideries and striking screen prints on trousers and dupattas are the most favorite things of Sana Yasir's Suffuse.