3 Easy Ways to Bleach Your Eyebrows at Home

In this fashionable era, you will see many trendy things. People spend a lot of their money for grooming. Slowly we are adopting a western style in our routine life. Women pay much attention for their grooming like a makeover, streaking but today we also see bleaching of eyebrows. This is a new trend among the women. But unfortunately, we don’t know much about “Bleaching of eyebrows” so that is why my today’s topic is based on “3 Best ways bleaching of eyebrows at home”

Three Tips To bleach Your Eyebrows

First Tip: Take few drops of hydrogen add three drops of ammonia and white henna and make the cream. Use this cream on your eyebrows. Take care that this cream doesn’t touch your skin. Use this for a specific time so that hydrogen does not cause to swelling your skin.
Following tips will help you to take care of your skin while “Bleaching of eyebrows”
Choose color according to your skin tone. Look which hair dye suits on your skin.
With the following this tip will not only give you good color but also protects you from infection of skin and will give you 100% result.
Second Tip: If you use sugar syrup including lemon juice it will give you a glowing complexion.
If you have damaged skin then use "Multani Mitti" with rose water. Make a paste and apply it on your skin. Leave it for 10 to 15 minutes and then rinse it off with water.
Women who have the problem of unwanted hairs on face then must use the mixture of hydrogen and ammonia. Use this mixture before going to sleep. Use it with cotton on your entire face and let it dry. After this rinse it off with water. So can get rid of unwanted facial hair with the help of this procedure.
Third Tip: Another way to get rid of unwanted facial hair is to take dry beans and make powder and put it on hairs. Sit for some time and then take it off. This will also help you to remove unwanted facial hair.
For reddish cheeks, use rose water after a bath and then sunflower oil. This will help you to make your cheeks red.