3D Flower Wall Art - How to Make 3D Wall Flower at Home

Every person loves his home. Home is like a paradise on earth for every person and every person wants to make his home beautiful. Especially women seem so interested to make their home beautiful. Now a day’s Wall Art very popular. We look many walls designed with various ways with different materials.

 In the “Wall Art” ‘3D Flower Wall Art’ is very famous you will see various ‘3D Flower Wall Art’ in many houses. Women don’t like empty walls in the house they always want their house walls to decorate with different flowers or paintings. Many women like to buy many different things to cover their walls and many women make many decorating materials from their hands in the house. Because they feel proud to tell another people that this thing she makes with her hand. Find 5 Rules To Decorating House We Always Forget Here we tell an art for art loving women here they will teach this art a make it in home easily:

3D Flower Wall Art Required Things:

  • Foamic sheet
  • Cloth
  • Glue Gun
  • Wood frame
  • Scissor

How to Make 3D Wall Flower at Home:

First of all, take 12 inches long and wide wood frame. Take 1 inch long and 1-inch wide cloth and put it on that frame. Attach the cloth behind the side of the frame with the help of glue. The frame is ready. Cut the square pieces of Foamic sheet or silk cloth to make a flower. Turn these pieces downside with the glue.
Cut it from the upper side to make the flower shape. If you want to make big flower then you need a big piece of cloth.

First of all, attach 6 leaves and make a flower and then put these flowers one by one behind all. Putt all these flowers like this that all leaves are easily prominent. While making the third line put the first leaves in the center of another and make a line of flowers. In last make the middle part of the flower. For this attach 4 to 5 leaves and then put it in the center of the flower and attach with the help of glue.
When the flower is ready put it on canvas frame like in the center of the frame. Put the glue behind it like every leaf of the flower must be attached. Try to put more glue because protection is better than cure. For some time let the flower dry. If you like diamonds or stones you can also use them on this flower. This will also enhance the beauty of 3D Flower Wall Art. You can also match the color of 3D Flower Wall Art with your wall paint color or you can use the matching cloth.

3D Flower Wall Art is very beautiful and cheaper way to decorate our home. It is a very decent way to enhance your house beauty.