7 Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey

Nature always proves good and helpful for human and human life. Various ingredients are helpful for various problems. Like a new search proves that if you use “Apple Cider Vinegar” on daily basis you can reduce cholesterol level and in this result the risk of heart attack and brain stroke can be reduce.  Scientist have research that if you everyday use 200 ml water in 30 ml vinegar you can reduce your cholesterol about 13%. We know all these facts about Apple Cider Vinegar from long time. It is very useful for health. Vinegar is useful to cure Acne. Reduces the giant pain and also reduces our weight.

Scientist says that Acetic Acid inside Apple Cider Vinegar make it useful for health. Doctor James Brown Discovers this qualities of  Apple Cider Vinegar. In his BBC 2 program “Trust me I’m Doctor” he says that in western guys the cholesterol level is more as compare to another guy and if anything is useful to cure this then you must have to pay attention on it. He gave suggestion to all that people who are using any tablets or taking any treatments to control their cholesterol avoid all these treatments and only use “Apple Cider Vinegar” because these medication only control or reduce your cholesterol level about 30%.

In another report I read that Apple Cider Vinegar with water is very useful and beneficial for health. This is more beneficial for those people who have any swelling inside their body or have acidity problem.  You just have to use this mixture ever Morning and after half hour you can take your breakfast. The people who are victim of any cure from long time can get many benefits from it. Cholesterol can be cause weakness and other diseases. And if the ph level inside our body Is not equal that it can be cause of many infections. In this condition “Apple Cider Vinegar” with honey proves very useful. By using this ph level in blood becomes high and body become able to fight against bacteria. Although many reasons can be affected on our health but our diet plays an important role in our life.

Apple is very beneficial for our health as same its vinegar is also very beneficial for our health. It has many vitamins like Vitamin B1, B2 B6 vitamin C Folic Acid. It also has some quantity of minerals. Inside these minerals Sodium, Phosphorus Potassium, Calcium, Iron and Magnesium are well known. Acetic Acid and Citric Acid are also included in “Apple Cider Vinegar”.
 And you all are well known about “Honey” that Honey bees first collect the juice from flowers and then produce “Honey”. Honey also has many minerals like Potassium Magnesium Iron Copper and Zinc. Vitamins like Vitamin C, thiamine, Vitamin B6 and pathogenic Acid are also included in Honey.

Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey Can Give You Following Benefits:

  1. Reduce the giant pain 
  2. Reduce the Acidity 
  3. Finish Constipation 
  4. Reduce cholesterol level
  5. Reduce cough
  6. Reduce mouth bad fragrance
  7. Remove Swelling
Take one table spoon honey add one table spoon Apple Cider Vinegar add them into water and use it half hour before from your breakfast. The patient who have constipation and use pills for it must consult their doctor and use Apple Cider Vinegar with doctor advice.