7 Sparkling Eyes Home Remedies - Clear Eyes Naturally

Eyes are an important part to live a healthy life. The beauty of a person completes with eyes. Every person wants good and healthy eyes. But now many people are facing many eye problems like dark circles. Dark circles look very ugly. Today’s difficult thing is how we can get sparkling and charming eyes. Many tips are available to get this wish and also our grandmothers have told us many remedies. Natural ingredients are best to heal all type of eye problem. First of all unhealthy sleep is the main reason of eye problem so heal this matter with natural ingredients. Following are the ingredients to get sparking and charming eyes:

Tea Bags:

To get rid of dark circles green tea and black tea bags are the best options. It helps to relax your tired eyes. These teas contain bioflavonoid which helps to reduce bacteria and inflammation. First of all, put these tea bags in refrigerator use olive oil on your eyes then placed these chilled tea bags on your eyes. Wait until 10 minutes and then wash your face.
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Milk is a wonderful natural ingredient which helps in many problems. It is a home nourishing remedy. Milk helps to reduce puffiness and tiredness. If you feel tiredness milk helps you get freshness and also soothe and relax your eyes. Take two three cotton balls and soaked them in raw milk placed these balls on your eyes and relax for 15 minutes. After that wash your face and use moisturizer.


Everyone knows cucumber as a remedy for dark circles. It is a most useful and effective way to brighten and attractive eyes. Take a cold cucumber and cut its slice. Place these slices on your eyes and relax for 10 minutes.

Potato Slice:

Just like cucumber potato slices also helps to remove dark circles. It has vitamin C and potassium. When you put slices on your skin. Skin absorbs all the nutrients. This is an effective home remedy.

Rose Water:

Rose water has antibacterial properties. It is an effective way to reduces tiredness and soothing your eyes. Its pleasant fragrance is beneficial for skin in many other ways. It also helps to prevent fine line, wrinkles, and dark circles. Rose water also hydrate the skin as well.


As like other body parts for eyes also have exercise. The simple exercise is to relax your eyes.if you practice this just before going to bed it works well. Focus on your pen and move it horizontally and vertically.

Eyes Hydration:

Avoid staring at your computer and mobile screen. However, you are doing it even now. You can do instead is to blink often to avoid eyes from drying. Take a break from the computer screen after every 50 to 60 minutes.

These home remedies will help to heal all your eye problems like dark circles, tiredness puffiness etc. you just have the knowledge about all the ingredients which you are using for your eyes.
  • Try to wear sun glasses while going out from your home. 
  • Avoid using mobile or computer at night or in dark.