Damages and Side Effects of Sunscreen Uses

Our today’s atmosphere is very polluted and also we have busy lives so that we cannot take much care of our skin and start using a different product for this purpose. Like usage of sunscreen is very common now a day. Almost 90% people use sunscreen while going outside from home.

Ok! This is good but all products are not suitable for our skin. Because all cosmetic products contain chemicals. Some are suitable for our skin and some are not. But remember many sunscreens have many side effects due to some medicated ingredients like tetracycline's, sulfa drugs and phenothiazines. so let me share you Damages and Side Effects of Sunscreen

Appalling Effects of Sunscreen:

  • It might have allergic reaction and can badly damage your skin an awful
  • It can also cause of Acne. Because if you already have acne problem and you are using sunscreen then it can badly damage your skin and can make your problem more badly.
  • While using sunscreen if you accidentally put into your eye this can lead to burning. In this case, wash your eye with cold water. 
  • Using of sunscreen creates a risk of breast cancer due to its estrogenic effects.
  • Sunscreen can also cause the dryness of skin
  • Local sunscreens can also make your skin dull and unhealthy
  • Sunscreen can be painful on hairy areas
  • The chemical containing sunscreen can cause of rashes and redness of the skin.

Tip to Avoid These Side Effects of Sunscreen:

Try to use branded product because these are chemically tested. Always try to choose that product which is suitable for your skin or take an advice before buying any product for your skin. By following this we can minimize the all the problems and risks. Remember our protection is most important.