Eye Makeup Tips For Special Evening

Every woman loves doing makeup. For the grooming of personality, makeup plays an important part. But many women don’t know the application of makeup according to a situation like if you are going to a birthday party you must have to go with light eye shades and light lip color but if you are going for a wedding then you must have to go with dark shades. Our eyes are very prominent and are all makeover depends on eye makeup. If your eyes makeup is good then your entire face will also look attractive and passionate. Many women feel problem while doing eye makeup in the evening so my today’s articles are based on “eye makeup for evening”.

Use Concealer:

Always try to use concealer before makeup and it best for evening eyes Because it covers your dark circles. Dark circles look very ugly on your face and people think that you are sick. So concealer helps you to solve this problem.

Correct Color of Eye Shadow:

Eyeshadow is an important component of eye makeup, especially in evening. Bright and dark colors are best for the evening because with light bright colors gives your eyes an attractive look. Smokey eye make is very common now a day and dark shades are a necessary part of Smokey eye makeup. Always blend your shades with your fingertips. If your Eyes Green Read Best Hair Color for Green Eyes Various Skin Tones

Correct shape of Eyeliner:

Eyeliner plays an important part in evening eye makeup. Simple and easy tip for eyeliner is if you have big eyes then try to make thin line and if you have small eyes then make a thick line. If you are doing Smokey eye makeup then make a thick line. It will give a prominent look to your eyes.

Use Kajal:

While doing eye makeup in the evening always go with Kajal. It gives a beautiful and attractive look to your eye. And makes your eye makeup more prominent.
Extra Tip: You can also use glittery shades for your eyes in evening. It will give your eyes an extra pretty look.  

Use Blow Dryer:

Always use blow dryer to curl your lashes. Healthy lashes give your eyes an alluring look.
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Use Mascara:

At the end don’t forget to use mascara. It will not only make your lashes longer but also makes your eyes more attractive.