Gul Ahmed Lamis Digital Silk 2016 - Unstitched Lamis Silk

Gul Ahmed who is very precious Pakistani Designer has introduced an amazing collection of Unstitched Lamis Digital Silk Dresses which are amazing and royally aesthetic pattern designed with predominantly in shades of peach and gold  with hints darker shades. Available in Grey, Purple, Blue, Black, Green, White, Brown, Off white and Green mixed pattern. lets get started to see Gul Ahmed’s Lamis Digital Silk Collection 2016.

Single Lamis Digital Silk Shirt - Gul Ahmed

Grey Lamis Digital Silk - Gul Ahmed

Grey Lamis Digital Silk Available in Satin Silk Shirt and Digital Chiffon Dubatta with embroidered Lac and Buttons.
Gul ahmed said about this Dress "A seamless transition of colors between colors breathes life into a theatrical show of Gul Ahmed’s finest craftsmanship with a budding hemline that bedazzles this velveteen garb"

Purple Lamis Digital Silk by Gul Ahmed

Available only with Purple Lamis Degital Silk Shirt and Chiffon Dhupatta Gul Ahmed Said
With a precipitous base motif giving way to a mechanical pattern running through the purple, this dress creates a harmonious fusion between basic contrasts.

Gul Ahmed Blue Digital Silk Single 

Gul Ahmed Black Digital Silk Single

Gul Ahmed Green Lamis Digital Silk Single

Gul Ahmed White Lamis Digital Silk

Gul Ahmed Brown Lamis Digital Unstitched Silk 

Gul Ahmed Turquoise Lamis Digital Silk - No Stitched

Gul Ahmed's Off White Lamis Digital Silk