How To Take Special Care of Your Neck Naturally

All body parts are important for every person. Our face is an important part of our personality. Same like this while judging the beauty of a lady's neck plays an important part. The long and thin neck seems beautiful. If you don’t care of your neck properly then you can face following problems:

  • Uneven tone of your neck like your face and your neck has different color
  • Fat of your neck
  • Dryness of your neck
If you have any above mention problem then you don’t have to need worried. You can overcome all these problems by simply following given four tips
  1. Use yogurt and Gram flour 
  2. Use mixture of Besan, milk, and turmeric powder
  3. Wash your neck with the mixture Gram Flour, rose pastels and some powder of sandal
  4. Use mixture of milk wheat flour and lime juice
By following all these things make a habit to wash your neck while washing your face. As compared to your face your neck has a lot of dust. The simplest way to clean your neck is wet a towel and clean your neck with it. Clean your neck with cleansing milk one time in a week. Another way to take care of your neck is to make a lotion of glycerin, water, and lime juice and save it in a bottle. Use this lotion on your neck before going to bed and use milk and rub it with cotton one or two times in a day on your neck. Remain this all night and wash next morning.
Additionally, you can enhance your neck with the following.

Bleaching Your Neck:

Try to use bleach for your neck at least two times in a month. This is very beneficial. Take one tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide two tablespoons of bleaching powder and few drops of ammonia and make a mixture. Use it on your neck for 15 minutes after that massage your neck with cold cream. If you feel itchiness then doesn’t use it. Try 3 Easy Ways to Bleach Your Eyebrows at Home.

Reduce Neck Wrinkles:

To reduce wrinkles from your neck massage your neck before taking bath. Especially those women who have a fat neck. This doesn’t need too much time. By following this you can make your neck beautiful
Bind your hands back side of your head and bend your neck to the side. Do this 25 times.
Stand straight and bend your head right side like this that you can see your right shoulder. Now massage your neck with your right hand. Again do this exercise with your left hand

Always Try To Makeup Your Neck:

Try these 6 Amazing  Makeup Tips Every Woman Should Know Because If your makeup is good then your neck also looks good. If you have short neck hen try to bind your hairs. And also choose your dress in a v shape. Present yourself in front of another in a manner able way is also a fun.