Protect Your Feet With 10 Short Tips

Normally people not care about feet even never try to think about the care of their feet. So I'm going to share with you How to Protect Your Feet With 10 Simple Tips.

10 Simple Tips To Protect Your Feet

  1. Always keep your feet neat and clean. Wash your feet when you come home from outside. Keep your feet dry.
  2. Use a moisturizer after washing your feet if it's your daily habit then this is good if not then must use one or two times in a week. By following this foot remain soft. If you don’t want to use a moisturizer then use coconut oil or olive oil. 
  3. Always use comfortable shoes. Avoid using heels while going for shopping or outside.
  4. If you wear closed shoes then use talcum powder before wearing shoes. This is good mostly in summer. 
  5. Use sandals instead of close shoes in the summer season. 
  6. If you have rough feet then make a mixture of turmeric powder daily top and lime juice. Put in refrigerator. Use it on your feet for 15 minutes and then wash your feet with warm water. Repeat this one time in a week. 
  7. To get rid of tiredness take warm water and add some salt in it soak your feet in this water you will surely feel relaxed.
  8. Protection of feet nails is very important. Every day wash your feet to remove dirt and sweat. Clean your nails with brush. 
  9. Bath with warm water reduces many feet problems. It helps to better the flow of your blood inside the body. 
  10. Protect your feet in public areas. Be sure to wear shower shoes at the gym and all outside place. 
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Above mentioned are some tips to protect your feet. I hope you will follow all these tips.