Sibling Fighting Solution - Sibling Fight Need Your Attention

Children are the prominent part of a family. A family prosperity is based on children. Parents seem to pay more attention to the health of their children they do everything for their children. Parents look more worried when they see their children fighting. First, they think that this fighting is temporary but when children take their complaints then they have to take part in it for judgment. This struggle can cause to finish this fighting. And after some time you will see all these siblings play together.

Many children complain about their mother that why you take the side of other kid. Why you always scold me. This time is very difficult for mothers that how she can understand her child my all babies are same for me. So there must need a way, to sum up, this quarrel. Or you call only do this with a scolding. Some mothers do this very easily but some are very worried about this matter. So here is some suggestion for those mothers who face difficulty to solve this matter.
If your children have only one room so should try to separate all the things like a bed, books rack cupboard. If you have two children and their bed book rack and cupboard are same then there must have chances that they will fight with each other. Because you’re every child has a different nature and habits. So this can cause many misunderstandings. You can separate their things by painting their cupboard with a different color, use different bed sheets so due to this they will not use each other thing and this will minimize the risk of misunderstanding.

Another reason can cause like if you are going somewhere and your two children are stubborn to play a game on I Pad but this time you have only one I Pad so this is impossible to stop this fighting. Try to buy same two phones or I Pad if you cannot afford this then try to divert their attention. Try to buy matched things for your children. So that during the journey you can avoid this problem.

Sometimes mother gives responsibility to an elder sibling that he must take care his/her younger sibling and if elder sibling tries to stop him/her for doing something wrong then they don’t listen to them or don’t give attention so this can be the cause of fighting between them. If parents will notice these things then they must have to take some steps like a mother can say elder sibling that you notice all things and tell me I will sort out this matter.

In your children try to develop the habit of listening and forgiveness. If they have these habits then there are fewer chances for fighting and misunderstanding. Good habits like while eating something sharing of food etc.
But if you cannot control the situation and fighting among your children then tell them don’t use hands while fighting or furriness. This is better to say one sibling to get out from the room.
These are a little thing but these can affect our life badly so try to handle all situation with wisdom.