Smokey Eyes Makeup Simple and Easy Tips

While doing a makeover, our eye makeup is an important and prominent part. Now a day Smokey eyes makeup is a common trend in fashion. Black Smokey eyes makeup is well known and prevalent in all the fashion circles. It not only gives depth to your eyes but also give them boldness and pretty look. So if you are keen of Smokey eyes makeup then you are on right place. Today we will discuss on step by step tutorial of Smokey Eyes Makeup. Just have a look below:

Start With Concealer:

Before applying anything, first of all, apply concealer or primer to your eye lid. These act like base on your lid and also help to stay your makeup for a long time.
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Use Dark Color:

After applying concealer and primer now its time to start a makeover of Smokey eye. To make Smokey eye always choose a dark color. You have to fill the portion of the lash line and the lid line. Always keep it dark around the corners.


After applying dark color smudge it over your entire eye lid. Keep your brush moment from outward to inward. Let it settle on your lid.

Highlight your Eyebrow:

This is a most important step while doing Smokey eye makeup. Your eyebrow plays an important part in your eye makeup. Always try to make it visible because it will not only give your eye more prominent look but also an attractive and sexy look.

Make Corners Darker:

Try to use metallic shades to add more sharpness and boldness to your eyes. Make your corner darker. It will make your eyes shine and glare.

Use Shadow Under Your Eye:

While doing Smokey eye makeup don't forget to apply shades down the side of your eye. Apply a darker shades or eye liner on the lower lid of your eye. It will give you an extra pretty look.


At the end don’t forget to use mascara on your lashes. To give an extra classy look also use fake lashes to your eyes and then apply mascara. It will give you extra classy look.

Smokey Eyes Makeup Extra Tips:

  • Hazel eyes can use warm colors such as brown, black, green
  • Brown eyes can also use warm colors, brown, black, green
  • Priviligieront black eyes brown (black lines may harden)
  • Blue eyes can use warm colors and cool colors: brown, black, green, blue and purple but
  • Green eyes can use warm colors and cool colors: brown, black, green and also blue.
  • I hope these simple tips will help you to get more classy and sexy Smokey Eyes Makeup.