Wisdom Tooth Removal What You Should Know

Teeth are very prominent in our personality. We must take care of our teeth. Because teeth can make our personality good or very bad. Wisdom tooth is also very important part of our teeth. Sometimes we came to know that wisdom tooth Is very painful. And many people took out as per suggestion of dentist. In young age usually at the last end of the jaw, this teeth appear and due to pain, we like to take it out because it is very painful.  Anyhow in recent research proves that in many people it is not painful.

Wisdom tooth is one of those teeth which helps to crush food or eat food. It usually came out at the age of 17 and 26. This tooth can be painful due to the small place in the jaw that’s why we feel much pain but if you don’t feel any pain than removing of this tooth is good or not good this we all don’t know. Due to the lake of space, we cannot brush this tooth properly and then it starts to damage. In this case, our experts suggest us to remove this tooth but if you don’t feel any pain or any sign doesn’t appear then removing of this tooth is good or not? 

According to Holland University usually, Wisdom tooth removed on a big scale but this is very surprising fact we don’t have a proper research on it. For example in America Wisdom tooth must remove but National Institute of health and care says that if you don’t have any pain then you don’t have any need to remove it. And due to this tooth gums also not damage.

So experts start to research about this matter that removing this tooth there is any problem have or haven’t?  in this matter, they discover two things one in England and another in America but in these two theories doesn’t have any good result that removing this tooth can be helpful or not for health. In this research of America, there were 416 men are included in it. In this research, we came to know that the men who don’t remove Wisdom tooth have teeth problem as compare to those who don’t remove it.
And in research of England 164 persons took part in it and this research also doesn't give an appropriate result. That due to removing this tooth have any problem or not. Experts say that removing Wisdom tooth with surgery can damage gums and can cause bleeding which can cause swelling of lips. The Expert Manhattan said 
I am not in favor to remove Wisdom tooth for that person who is in young age because I see in this age bones could be more damage. so you can stop this removing act but if you don’t remove it can be more risky and dangerous because in old age Wisdom tooth can be more painful the surgery can be more complicated as compare to young age.  Hence it is better to first examine the condition of patient and then remove the Wisdom tooth.