Zara Shahjahan Winter Silk Dresses Collections 2016

Zara Shahjahan Silk Dresses elaborating the majestic heritage of Pakistan with very bright Winter Collection. Zara Shahjahan created breathtaking designs witch closely related to Lahori culture, Mosque, Lahore Fort and the narrow, bustling streets and markets of the city, between the walls of a romantic and elegant harmony between the glorious past and the present flawlessly blends with the enchanting aura only gives rise to unique cosmopolitan.
Beauty brands signature design elements, modern cuts and silhouettes mixed with traditional imagery highlighted a fusion. His Mughal inspired florals, indigo blues, helpless majestic arches and chrome yellow on Islamic architecture featuring mosaics and can not get enough of the piece. Looking for the perfect winter color? Dainty white flower motif kameez trickling down the front stretch encapsulate angharka to Lahori style really wear their autumn gray number with check. This series is a celebration of old world charm and modern elements, is deeply tied to Pakistani traditions. So ladies raw silk shirt, charmeuse satin silk scarf and cotton pants 3 piece suit including 10 designs to choose from, and is found. Diverse, vibrant and stunning silk chic- these organizations are a must this winter. Start making your picks below and Zara Shahjahan stores, e-stores on the 14th of November, and store it at leading retailers nationwide.

SHIRIN - Zara Shahjahan Collection 2016

Nafs-e-Man Zara Shahjahan 

GULNAAR - Zara Shahjahan 

VIRSA - Zara Shahjahan Collection 

MEHR - Zara Shahjahan Silk Collection 

ROONAMI - Zara Shahjahan Winter Collection