How To Store Perfume Last Longer In Pakistan

In Pakistan, a lot of people crazy to buy perfumes but they don’t know how to care and store their perfumes. Many women have seen to buy costly perfumes but they can’t care their perfumes well. If you will not take proper care of your perfume, after some weeks it will see an empty bottle.
Following are some tips How Pakistani People Store Their Perfume Last Longer.

Perfumes in Pakistan have no expiry dates so it can be used for the long term if you store with proper care because its manufacturers not made it for the last longer.

Keep Away Your Perfume From Sun Light

Keep away your perfume bottle from direct sun light. Try to place your bottles in shade like in cupboards or wardrobe. Sometimes we feel that when we buy a perfume that time its fragrance are too high but after few days it remains not same. If any woman has this problem then she must notice that this place is protective from sun light or not. You can get rid of this problem by finding a shady place.

Avoid To Buy Transparent Bottle

The bottle of perfume cares for it. If the perfume bottle is transparent then the sun light can easily harm the fragrance of perfume that’s why experts suggest buying the perfume bottle which is in dark color and didn’t transparent.
Experts says the bottles which are designed as spry and don’t need to open its cap they are more efficient to save your perfume as compare to those who you have to open their cap to use their fragrance. Because opening again and again can affect the fragrance and can be the cause of wastage of perfume. So try to buy the spry type bottles.

Avoid To Keep Perfume In Refrigerator

Many women place their perfume bottle in the refrigerator and think that this place is safe for their perfumes but this thinking is absolutely wrong. Because in the refrigerator if you place your perfume bottle near cheese or butter it will absorb their fragrance. This can affect the fragrance of your perfume. very cold fridges can affect the quality of your perfume.

Avoid To Keep Perfume In Washroom

Working ladies used to place their perfume bottle in the washroom. They like to use their perfume after a shower. But remember humidity can affect the fragrance of your perfume. Try do not place your perfume where have humidity.
Some women have habit to save money. They buy costly perfume bottles but can’t save them. If they can’t take proper care of their perfume bottles then I suggest them to avoid buying costly perfumes.

Avoid To Shake Before Use

We have the habit of shaking the bottle before using but don’t forget it is not suitable for perfume. If there is written that shake before use then you can do this if there haven’t any phrase like this then avoid to doing this. Because components of fragrance can be affected by shaking the bottle.

Wearing Perfume Extra Tips 

The owner of famous perfume company Camille Goutal says women who have habit to spry perfume toward their hair they must avoid this habit because perfume contain alcohol which can damage your hair health. Although they can spry on hair brush and use this hair brush for styling their hairs. By doing this fragrance will remain in hair but didn’t damage your hair.
Women who have habit to use perfume in high volume they must use perfume on their scarf or clothes before one hour. By doing this fragrance will remain in your clothes and didn’t create any problem for another person around us. Perfume can be use on wrist, neck or behind the ears.