5 Easy Positions To Relieve Your Back Pain

The back is made for movement. Your back must move and work to be fit. More often than not, it is because it is too little or badly solicited that it is painful. To prevent back pain, it is, therefore, essential to maintaining a good general physical condition by doing sports (cycling, swimming, walking), small exercises for stretching, toning or relaxation and finally, by adopting the right position In situations of everyday life. Existing back problems or simple prevention, follow our advice form and adopt the right positions for a back pain.

For Back Pain Adopt Following Good Habits

In everyday life, to avoid or reduce your back pain, adopt these simple exercises to stretch, tone and relax your back. The exercises proposed here pursue several objectives:
  • Relax, relax his back, breathing;
  • Recover as quickly as possible and feel better;
  • Better manage your back pain;
  • Maintain the mobility of the back by alternating movements of relaxation (stretching) and toning (muscle strengthening).
It is best to ask your doctor or a physiotherapist to show you how to do these exercises.

Principles to Remember if you have Back Pain:

  1. The exercises should not cause severe pain (only tension during stretching). They must be carried out slowly, without brutality. It is advisable to practice them regularly.
  2. Breathing must be free, calm and deep. The exercises must be repeated several times for a period of 6 seconds, alternating with 6 seconds of rest.

Position 1: Stretch Your Back

Starting position: standing against the wall, feet slightly away from the wall. The body is not supported on the wall. Movement: try to grow you reach your maximum size, raising the highest possible arm and pushing the top of the head up, chin tucked. Hold for 6 seconds, breathing normally, then rest for 6 seconds.

Position 2: Relax Your Back

Starting position: lying on his back with his arms. Movement: Turn head to the right, bend the right leg, take the right knee with the left hand and bring him to the ground on the left. Hold for 6 seconds and then slowly return to the starting position. Make the movement in the other direction: turn your head to the left, bend the left leg, take the left knee of your right hand and bring it to the right.

Position 3: Tone Your Back

Starting position: standing, head, back and buttocks glued to the wall, front legs. Movement: slide down as if you wanted to sit down, stop when your legs are bent at right angles. The back and head remain in contact with the wall. Hold the position as long as possible, breathing deeply.

Position # 4: Stand to Stand

If you stay up to perform certain tasks, eg board, do the dishes, prepare food, change your baby or tinker face an established, you can:
  • Work at a comfortable height: raise the level of the work plan ( In the case of an ironing board, for example) or lower your pelvis by folding or spreading the legs. Another solution is to sit on a high stool.
  • Keep you as close as possible to the work plan. In leaning forward (for example, to brush teeth) it is essential to always look for hand or elbow support to reduce stress in the back.
  • Rest, if possible, each foot alternately on a step.
  • Take breaks

Position 5: Well Carry Your Bags

When shopping, carry a basket in each hand to distribute the load on each side of the body. Rather than holding a bag in your hand, it is better to wear it with a shoulder strap in front of you, placing the strap on the shoulder opposite the bag.