5 Rules To Decorating House We Always Forget

We like to read, to see, to judge, to debunk and decide if you can live with or without them. Did the time to ignore some "golden rules decorating house " Let's  explain some Golden Rules To Decorating House We Always Forget

1. Wardrobes Only In the Bedroom? 

Of course not. Especially if it is special, wooden, handmade, unique, we can use them in other rooms of the house in order to have neat and hidden all kinds of home we do not want to be in plain sight. A practical solution, inexpensive and totally modern.

2. Why Should Hang Their Paintings? 

We simply touching them. Do we get our favorite photos to frame and try to change the position every so not boring wall but with a slight tilt over the furniture. The atmosphere is more bohemian automatically.

3. Nothing should fit. Absolutely.

 At home the Opposites attract. The kit is outdated. Try different metals, different textures, styles, and forms mistake. Play even with balances and tensions. The result is a personal and unexpected. No predictable or monotonous.

4. Remove all furniture from the fireplace. 

The old mentality that wanted a coffee table, armchairs, sofa frame the fireplace, has changed. Now we have the fireplace dominates the house itself, and the little snubbed. Just to be the protagonist. What would add? Huge pillows in strange patterns.

5. White Ceiling? 

Another myth, another unsavory rule. The white ceiling is boring. Experts say that the ceiling adds a fourth dimension. So we can play with a pastel blue color or even striped. And see how you become multi dimensional look and our home. How to Make 3D Wall Flower at Home.