Evening Makeup For Brown and Brown Eyes

You are lucky: all colors (or almost) are suitable for brown eyes! Whether you're looking for a sleek, sleek look or a more intense look, a wide range of colors is available.

For a velvety look, bet on colors that match your eyes like taupe or brown.

The apricot is also perfectly suitable for brown and brown eyes and gives a more natural tint. If, on the other hand, you want to highlight the brightness of your eyes, accentuate your makeup by a line of eyeliner or kohl pencil.

In an instant, your gaze will rise to a new depth. To sublimate his brown eyes, one can go to the smokey eye. There is nothing like a charcoal to wrap itself in a veil of mystery.

If black is the classic color of the smokey eye, do not hesitate to also turn to more electric colors: dark blue, anthracite or plum. Who says evening makeup, says makeup more fun!
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Make Up Your Brown Eyes For An Evening: We Love Original!

In the evening, do not hesitate to customize your makeup. If the day, often opts for a more classic makeup, at nightfall, an original touch is welcome. Eye shadows in metallic tones such as gold, copper or bronze are perfect for bringing out brown or brown eyes.

Want more flashy colors? Dare the purple shades, the emerald green or the dark blue that electrify the look! One does not forget that to make its makeup succeed, the lightest color applies to the inner corner of the eyelid. The darkest color comes to rest on the outer edge for a perfect graduation.

Final Touch of Brown and Brown Eye Makeup: Mascara

To perfect his Evening Eye Makeup we do not forget mascara! Indispensable in the vanity, it enlarges the look and emphasizes its intensity. For brown eyes, it is usually black or brown.
For more chili, turn to colorful mascaras by choosing them according to the color of your eyeshadow.

Evening Makeup: What About Glitter?

For a party, a birthday or the New Year, you want to bet on a glittery look? In the evening, all follies are allowed! Do not hesitate any longer and make your eyes glisten.
To succeed in this makeup without overloading the eyes, you simply apply the glitter by light touches just above the eyelashes. Here are 6 Makeup Tips Every Woman Should Know