How To Choose Nail Files For Manicure

An indispensable accessory for a good manicure, the nail file is sometimes a strange object for Grinding and Buffing. How to use it and choose it without fingering your fingers? Let's get started to Choose Nail Files for Manicure Your Nails.

Nail Files An Infinite Choice

If like me, you decided one day to throw yourself into the nail file (highly addictive sport), you faced the test of shelving: stretches of files all different and all "revolutionary". From cheap to long-term investment, the nail file is normally available on many supports, in many forms, and even sometimes uses the technology to become electric, battery-operated, multifunctional ... In short, it is like *extoys: you never know which to choose, you never know if it will be effective for you.

The cardboard Nail File

The basic file par excellence: that of cardboard. It is found absolutely everywhere, at almost any price. The cardboard file is, depending on its quality, more or less effective. It allows showing everywhere, if it dies it is not hyper-serious and one is not afraid to break it. The most famous remained undoubtedly the red or brown file, which is bought in packs of 10 and that all the girls have already crossed. Small problem: it is often of poor quality files that attack the nail rather than anything else, that can lose the split, leaving red marks above or just do not file. They will be useful in a bag or other, but on a daily basis, as much invested in a file of better quality. If you are looking for small files to carry, it is better to take mini-files sold in "box of matches", they are efficient and very practical.

The Metal Nail File

It is often given in the kits manicure in a kit, or it can be purchased, alone, with a plastic handle to be able to take it well in hand. The metal files wear out much slower than limes cardboard (so far, it is still logical) and can be used very long. Be careful though with metal files kits "first price" (or those offered by some brands): the "claws" formed thereon and allow to file the nail are sometimes too far apart or not deep enough, which can greatly hurt the nail, and lime as the cardboard, to the split. It is preferably chosen with regular "claws", which do not hang on the surface.

The Glass Nail File

It is a bit of the Rolls Royce of time: real investment when looking at some brands, the glass file does not have to mark to file, but a rough surface, such as cardboard files. It really takes a long time but is quite fragile: it can break if dropped. Moreover, it does not really adapt to urban life, in other words at the bottom of a hectic handbag. It was she who best lime nails but a problem is many girls do not support it. When we file with it, we can feel some kind of "vibrations" a little squeaky that can become unbearable for those who hate this kind of sensations. To try before to buy not to make pellet economically disadvantageous.

The Electric Nail File

Once sold a fortune, electric kits with 14 different files (Nail polishing, Size Up The Nail, Shine Your Nails ) are now available everywhere for an average of 15/20 Dollars (and sometimes even 100 Rupees in bazaars). So yes, it's practical, it's playful and fun and we feel the soul of a professional manicure. However, if improperly used, hello damage: to force to grind and /or polish, it can weaken nails, making them thinner and thus risking they split. The vibrations generated can also be very unpleasant for girls who do not like it.

Proper Use of The Nail File

No, the filing of nails does not consist of going back and forth in the case of boredom, as roughly shown the TV series based on naughty secretaries and /or superficial youngsters. To file his nails, it always starts with the sides to give the shape you want on the corners (it is they who determine the shape of the nail according to your hands: square or rounded). First one side, then the other. Finally, the timing of the "top" of the nail to make a harmonious shape. We do not file his nails every day: it's too aggressive, if they are soft and fragile it will sensitize them even more.

You never file nail surface with a conventional line: if we want to polish, a special file is used, much less porous. For info, the poses of false nails at low prices tie the surface of the nails with an aggressive file to make hold the glue. Result to removal: pieces of nails peel off, they are completely fucked. In short: we do not screw up the surface, this is what gives strength to the nail.