How to Make Your Little Eyes for An Evening

At nightfall, we prepare for the evening, but the makeup of small eyes can sometimes be a real headache! Discover all our makeup tips Every Woman Should Know to shine in the evening!

Makeup For Small Eyes: We open our Eyes Wide!

The rule number one to make up small eyes is to open the look. Nothing of the kind to illuminate the face and make your eyes shine. First, we put on well-drawn eyebrows. Of too thick eyebrows weigh down the look. Take care to wax them carefully.

Then draw them with a thin brush and a light colored makeup so as not to darken them further. Second, Step, you have to erase the rings that turn off the brightness of your eyes.

Apply your concealer on the areas concerned and proceed a base eye shadow base of lashes to brow.

The Right Colors of a Little Eyes Evening Makeup

Then comes the crucial choice of eye shadow! Fish, Ivory or rosé tones are preferred. You are preparing for a party, then bet on cheerful and glittering colors!

We banish colors too dark that diminish the intensity of the gaze. If you want to use a more pronounced shade, apply it on the outer corner of the eyelid and stretch it to lengthen your eyes.

Liner and Kohl: The Allies of Small Eyes

To shine in the evening, adopt the effect of doe eyes! A line of eyeliner or kohl pencil just above the lashes stretched towards the eyebrows, will give more depth to your gaze. Your eyes will not fail to produce the most beautiful effect.

In contrast to the eye shadow, the liner is chosen in dark colors: black, dark blue or purple. The line of kohl must be thin towards the inner corner of the eye and thicken to the outside.

Use the same technique for the pencil stroke you put under the eye. The line should not draw the entire contour of the eye at the risk of weighing down the eye.

Makeup of Evening for Small Eyes: The Last Touches

Mascara brings an essential touch to a vibrant Eyes Evening Makeup. Before applying it, remember to curl your eyelashes using an eyelash curler.

Also, use a curling mascara for a better effect and lay it in two layers. In the evening, we particularly like the original make-up. Shine through the glittering eyeliner. The tones silver or gold will go to you wonderfully.

Simply draw a thin line at the level of the eyelashes and the turn is played! Let yourself be tempted by false eyelashes to make your eyes even longer. Your little eyes will be sublimated and all eyes will turn towards you!