Natural Remedies To Reduce Puffy Eyes and Bags To Rid The Tired Eyes

Puffy Eyes are not a condition taken lightly in women, in fact, it is considered a very serious problem indeed. I do not know how you individual see your puffy eyes. You may be the kind of person who gets along with it and deals with the skin problem, or you might be the complete opposite and you just want to curl up and die rather than introduce yourself to the outside world in search of The way you do. You must remember that there will be a cause for eye pockets and in most cases swelling or eyes wrapped with dark circles, they can be treated.

Inflated (swollen) eyes can occur due to several factors. The skin around the eyes is weak and sensitive and full of blood vessels. The usual puffy eyes that we all at one time may have suffered due to lack of sleep or cry disappear with time after we treat them to bring the pockets down. Unfortunately, if the eyes remain swollen and these two reasons are not the problem, then we seek to treat another cause.

The swollen eyes are also symptoms of other eye conditions that will in most cases need more than just washing them in cold water. If the swollen eyes are severe and persistent, and you suffer pain and blurred vision then it is regarded as an issue that requires medical attention. Your eyes will have to be tested by an eye care expert (optician.)

Causes of Puffy and Swollen Eyes

Common causes of swollen eyes may include water retention, stress, allergies and hormonal changes, as well as others. If the eyes swell due to an episode of crying this is due to the way the body reacts to emotions and causes a surplus of blood to circulate around the orbits which results in swelling. If the production of tears is extreme, it can exert pressure on the eyes. Fatigue is another regular cause for swollen eyes. This can happen because there is too much sodium in a water retention causing diet.

If you tend to treat your puffy eyes at home, then you need to be certain about why they took place. Tired eyes exhausted by all means have there to deal with, but if it is something more serious you need to enemy of the good. Eyes are delicate organs and you can not afford to practice with solutions and remedies you are unfamiliar with, or more importantly, a familiar condition if you have not had the problem determined by your GP or optician.

Puffy Eyes Treatments and Home Remedies

Before approving fresh new methods for treating your eye puffiness get a second opinion from your doctor. If we seek to treat swollen eyes as you are "safe" are not caused by other eye conditions, then you may want to consider trying out the options below to rid the eye puffiness. Treatments successfully treat patients and their eye problems, but what can work for one person can not for the other.
  1. Wash eyes with cold water.
  2. Limit your sodium intake
  3. Drink plenty of water to flush your system
  4. Place the fresh cucumber slices on the eyes or cold wet sachets
  5. Use a soothing eye cream with aloe and vitamin E
  6. Avoid bending your head down for long periods of time
  7. Avoid staying until the end of a night
If you have found the reason for your puffy eyes event is due to an allergic reaction then stop using anything that is causing your eyes to swell. Special beauty products can be held responsible in case of eye irritations. No matter how much you like a particular product you have to throw away and banish it from your makeup kit. What is more important than the blue eyeshadow, or the two tone mascara mode you adore, or your sight? I can not stress enough on the importance is that if something is not pleasing to the skin of the eyes is to get rid of it immediately.

Aside from normal pockets, swollen eyes can result from an illness. Others that we know are hangovers, hormonal fluctuations, allergies and fatigue. Direct your attention to these and you are well on your way to recovery in healing your problem.

For some people, swollen or puffy eyes are a hereditary trait, which is one of the natures of life we can not intervene with. Nevertheless, we can however approve and do things to help the hand me down condition.
  • Reduce Eye Inflated Eye
  • Cool the swelling of the skin around your eyes to reduce the pockets of any comfort possible to
  • Eye Chill & Face Creams
  • Wrap a cube of ice in a cloth and dab the eyes gently
  • Cool the two tablespoons and place on the eyes
  • Potato cold bands installed on the eyes is effective in relieving
  • Cold has great healing qualities to help reduce pockets and irritation, and can be used as often as comfortable to get rid of swollen eyes.
  • Avoid hot water; That we use to get rid of dirt and grime, and that's not the issue here.
Regardless of what the body part - friction is not good for the complete body stop skin. Soft tapping or dabbing should be the movement used at all times. The skin around your eyes is extremely sensitive, and repeated touching skin wrapping eyes can aggravate allergies, making them more irritable, red and itchy resulting in swollen eyes. If you wear contact lenses, then remove them before going to bed to avoid irritation and dry eye.

Increase your intake of water all day to help get rid of swollen eyes. When the human body becomes dehydrated (possibly caused by alcohol or disease), it stores water as a defense mechanism. This accumulated water can encourage puffy or puffy eyes. 8-10 glasses of water a day is the suggested amount of drinking that will reduce water accumulation and improve baggy eyes. Reduce salt because too can cause water retention in your body.

Prevention of Puffy Eyes Swollen Eyes:

  1. Sleep with your head up.
  2. Do not drink too much water / fluids before bedtime.
  3. Don`t cleansing creams use wrinkles near the eyes as it hydrates the skin and the pockets is the result.
  4. Avoid cosmetic based lubricants. The oil can cause the skin under the eyes to swell and ignite. Water based is more ideal.
  5. Remove makeup every night because it can fill the pores causing swelling.
If you are unlucky and suffer from swollen eyes a lot for whatever reasons and looking for ways to mitigate appearance, then you can try to hide your tired eyes problem with the help of cosmetics.
Upper Eyelid Pockets: If the eye puffiness that has occurred in the area of the upper eyelid, consider using a dark eye shadow. Go for coordinating shades two. Brush the black shadow of the eyebrow down to the crease of the eyelid, then with the clear hint of branching down from the crease to the eye lashes.

Pockets under the eyes: using a foundation usually can help conceal the pockets of the eyes. If the obvious swelling is obvious Foundation on the affected area should be a darker shade to the foundation used on the rest of the face.
Take care of your eyes to keep them healthy. Healthy eyes will help prevent the most severe conditions from occurring.

Astigmatism occurs when the front of the eye is egg-shaped instead of being the shape of the normal curve. If this happens, then all the possibilities of distance and near vision becomes blurred. Astigmatism can cause headaches or the patient may be too sensitive to light.

Presbyopia is an ocular condition related to age. As we age, the lens of the eye thickens slowly and loses its suppleness, leading to a progressive decrease in our ability to concentrate on objects that are near.

Glaucoma is characterized by an elevated pressure inside the eye that can damage the optic nerve diminishes the field of view and the ability to see clearly. A cataract is an opacification of a part of the eye called the lens. The vision becomes blurred or dark because the light can not pass through the opacified lens at the back of the eye. All the above indications are to show what can happen through the unhealthy eyes.