Shape of Nails Fit According to Shape of Your Hands

Do you like long nails? Well, you have very good taste. Indeed, there is no better than a beautiful manicure to perfectly show your hands. Whether you have fine, long, racy, infantile, elegant or plump mimines, you will always find a form of nails that will benefit them.

If you are looking for the one that suits the shape of your hands, we suggest you discover these tips to guide your choice.

A Square Nails Shape

If your hands are round, you can give them more space by opting for a square manicure. The latter gives them length and structure. Opt for a medium to large nail length, this is what will best benefit the morphology of your hands.

A Sounded Square Nails

If you find the square shape too angular to your taste, you can perfectly round these angles to obtain a softer and more feminine manicure. This form of nails is perfectly suited for small round hands and is all the more so when you realize a nice french manicure.

Almond Shape Nails

If your hands are fine, long and racy, you can bring a little roundness to the set by choosing a shape of almond nails. Very feminine and ultra classic, this manicure is perfect for women who do not have too much time to devote to their nail file. Indeed, it is very simple to maintain and you can take care of yourself of your setting nail beauty if you know how to handle a file and a nail clipper.

An Oval Shape Nails

If you have nails short and fine enough, rather wear your choice on a form of nails oval. So your hands will look bigger. To accentuate this effect, apply a fairly dark nail polish.

Pointed Shaped Nails

If you like leafing through fashion magazines, you definitely glimpsed this form of nails. Of course, in the photo shoots, the shape is more aggressive and more accentuated. On the other hand, for everyday life, you can opt for nails that are medium and long. This shape will give small hands more elegance and sophistication.

A Stiletto Form Nails

For those who like original manicures and very fashion, you can opt for this form of nails of a particular kind. Indeed, this very sharp nail art is not very practical on a daily basis and can be quite impressive. It's the perfect manicure for a chic and elegant evening. This is the pinnacle of sophistication if you want to stand out and mark the spirits. This shape is perfect for all hands (large, small, fine or round). On the other hand, it is necessary to have the nails long enough to realize it. Tip: To avoid damaging your nails, opt instead for disposable nail prostheses.