10 Good Reasons To Stay Unmarried For Girls

Your advantages of celibacy in 10 points to be Proud, Free and independent without married: You say to yourself that celibacy is feared! But when you really think about it, it's not as unpleasant as you say. As proof, we discovered a dozen reasons to remain alone. As you read, you will definitely tell yourself that it's worth it to be single and you will realize that you have a lot of luck.

Me, Me Nothing But Me

We do not have to share the comfort of our bed, nor to bear incessant snoring, and the little extra, we can keep our socks at night and sleep starfish or diagonally. You can snore, sleep with your mouth open or drool on the pillow, it has no price. Change the duvet cover! To do what? When one lives alone, one does not dirty the sheets. "Oops, I let go of a little fat", it does nothing, one releases without embarrassment and without shame!
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I Call For Hours Without Someone Telling Me to Stop

Before, when we were a couple, our boyfriend hated spending hours on the phone chatting with our best friend. Now no one dictates what we should do. We can spend hours on the phone talking about everything and nothing with our sister of heart even if we have already grilled our package.

Letting Go of The Greedy Side

We go on the food without feeling guilty and we do not share its food. Before, we paid great attention to our silhouette; Hello slimming diets. At each mouthful, we say "seeing that I gain kilos with this delicious dish". Now, the deal changes, we fill the pizzas fridge and the shelves with all kinds of cookies. You can even eat in the pan or can, without being noticed.

We Go Out With Girls

We go out with the girlfriends on weekend evenings without having to report and without someone constantly harassing us on the phone and leaving us tons of messages. We dredge, we light, we seduce and we make beautiful encounters. We try even the adventures without tomorrow and have no remorse afterward. No one accuses us of having a lover, we are now 100% libertine. We get dressed sexy to get out without being told about all the names.

Never Again Push You Every Day For Makeup

One does not have to make oneself beautiful every day, feel good and spend endless hours in front of the mirror to make up because one does not have to please anybody. When you do not have classes or when you do not work, you hang out in pajamas all day without showering with a badly combed mane and traces of mascara under your eyes. This is our new way to unwind.

Save The Day

Valentine's Day, Christmas, his birthday, the anniversary of the encounter, the first kiss, the first time. One is somehow still obliged to buy a gift. Gone are the useless spending, we save our money. Otherwise, we offer a relaxing cocooning in a SPA. The good life, is not it?

Hello Friend Any Time

One allows oneself, without entreating, to invite friends at home for a night pajamas-pizzas and to chat until the small morning in front of the TV. We can even organize parties where our friends can bring friends. We drink, we dance, we have fun ... without anyone suffering a crisis of jealousy.

Long Live Freedom

We do not ask for permission anymore and we do not negotiate anymore if we want to make a little getaway of two days with our girlfriend on a whim. We are totally free of all our actions and gestures. Our girlfriend is not available, we can get our favorite series over a weekend, without anyone making fun of our tastes or bothering us. We did this last weekend, why not do it again? We are no longer obliged to justify ourselves or to feel guilty when we return late at night.

My Shower Is Mine, Just Me!

Want to be a star? We sing in the bathroom in front of our mirror with a hair dryer in hand as a microphone. Are we singing like a saucepan? No one is there to remind us. Depilation, why? Unless you have an important meeting at work or decide to take a break at the beach. And above all, you do not have to iron behind a man to clean the remains of hair stuck in the sink or in the shower. The drawdown of the toilet is always stack as you want because no one has forgotten to raise and lower it.

More Beautiful Life!

The dirty clothes on the other that hang around, never again, ours, it does not matter. We do not stuff the beautiful family for the Christmas holidays or for lunches every Sunday. In the street, one no longer hesitates to relook the beautiful guys without having the right to the accusing look. But the best part is that we have plenty of time to find the right person.

Every turn of life has a unique and its own delicious moments to enjoy. Feel free to comments below.