Hidden Signs To Find Out Your Ex Still Loves You

The proofs that your ex always cracks for you After months of spinning perfect love, you thought it was the right one, but fate did it differently by deciding to move you away from each other. The amorous ruptures, we have all experienced this, but the most difficult when our heart does not want to forget. We then think of a possible reconciliation. So, a question: "Does he still have feelings for me? Here are the signs that reveal the truth about what your Ex in love for you.

His Level of Interest For You

From time to time, send him a text message to ask if he's okay, without giving him the impression you're missing or wanting to see him. If he responds quickly after receiving your message, it is because he still carries you in his heart.

His Friends Are Being Investigated

Knowing your ex, you know full well that he will not confide in his buddies, especially if he has a sorrow for love. But his friends will tell you if he is inclined to party or on the contrary, to stay alone at home. They can give you lots of clues to know if your ex still loves you.

Coincidence or Not?

Since you were together, he certainly knows where you usually go. If you cross the street or if he is constantly there, it is not by chance, he is trying to attract your attention and check if you are accompanied. An ex who no longer feels anything will do everything possible to avoid you.

You Ex Resumes Gently Contact

He calls you voluntarily for no reason, for a yes or a no, sends messages or e-mails to take news when you have not been in contact for days. You'll know he still cares about you. If he decided to turn the page, you would have no sign of life.

Your Ex and Social Networks

You've cut the bridges, but you're still one of his friends on social networks? The evidence to know if he still thinks of you through Facebook, Twitter or other are many. He is always the first to love your publications, share your links, write comments on your photos; All this, to remind you that it still exists.

You Ex Plays The Detective

The sign that does not deceive is when he asks your friends about each of their encounters and asks if you are currently with someone. Your girlfriends, who are always so intentioned, will not forget to get you the message. This is proof that he does not want to scratch you out of his life. It seems that you are always present in his mind.

He Wants To See You

If it finds an excuse to come see you, obviously it can not definitely cut ties and love is always omnipresent. Go to the movies, have a drink together, a walk in the park while complimenting you on your appearance and your wealth, do not you think it looks like your first date? If this is not a sign. ex 

He is Talking About Your Past

During your conversations, does he tend to talk about your past, especially the good times that you shared together: your first time, your holidays in Corsica, your first kiss, your romantic weekend in Deauville? It is a way of convincing you that he wants to reconquer you without appearing.

He Ask Personal Questions

"Did you find someone?" "And your loves?" " If he asks these questions to your friends or a family member, it seems normal. But when he questions you directly, it is more than curiosity. If he is interested in your love situation, it is in order to know if there is still a chance to be part of your life.