How Ancient Egyptians Did Pregnancy Tests And It Works

You might be dubious about Egyptians Former Pregnancy Test but it really does exist. Not only thousands of years ago these intelligent people found natural remedies to cure virtually all diseases through their mixtures of herbs, spices, food but they also seem to have found a pregnancy test at home that actually works until now.

How Ancient Egyptians Performed Pregnancy Test?

The technique is extremely simple. The wheat and barley are placed in a cup, the woman in question then urinates on these seeds, covers the cup with a rag and returns to see the next day. If the seeds have sprouted it is pregnant and if they have not germinated it is not. They even said they could determine whether it was a boy or a girl if it was the barley or the wheat that had germinated the most. The researchers tested this technique in the 60's and found it to be 70% accurate.

This technique seems to be as accurate as current techniques, especially when it comes to a cheap pregnancy test. This ancient test works on the same principle as the modern one, there is a chemical reaction that is present only when women are pregnant.

As you can see this test is very simple to achieve and it should save you money. We have much to learn from the ancient Egyptians and their natural medicine.

If you would like to learn more about pregnancy tests from the past watch the video below.

Nowadays testing pregnancy pretty simple you just need to buy pregnancy test strip and follow the instructions give on it and it also does not cost much enough.