7 Unconventional Sleep Tips - How to Get to Sleep and Stay Asleep

Many people are having Sleep Problem. Stress, problems, daily restlessness, unhealthy eating, and others can keep us awake. Today we cover the unconventional sleep tips to get sleep and stay asleep. Let's talk about how to sleep.

In addition to leading a healthy life, you can try some of these tips to help you sleep and rest so you can be full of energy and follow your lifestyle.

Listen To Relaxing Music

Listening to relaxing music before going to bed can help you sleep. A study conducted in 2005 found that people who listen to 45 minutes of soft melodies before going to sleep experience an improvement in sleep problems of 35%.

Drinking Warm Milk A Great Way To Sleep

The New York Times reported that milk and other protein-rich foods block the sleep-inducing effects of tryptophan. However, there may be a psychological benefit of warm milk to help fall asleep: some studies show that when babies receive warm milk before bedtime, they sleep a little longer.

Imagine a Relaxing Scene

If your goal is to get bored so you can fall asleep, you can try counting the sheep, counting upside down three in three or some other combination. However, a 2002 study found that imagining a restful scene could be more effective. This study observed 41 people with insomnia for several nights after asking them to try a variety of techniques to find sleep, such as counting sheep. When told to imagine relaxing scenes like a beach, a massage or a walk in the woods, these people fell asleep on average 20 minutes earlier.

Breathing Exercises

Focusing on breathing can also have effects similar to meditation when lying down, such as lowering the heart rate.

Take Hot Bath

The body temperature decreases about two hours before going to bed, a phenomenon triggered by the brain to prepare for sleep. The bathroom hot water increases the temperature temporarily, subsequently causing rapid cooling that relaxes and helps sleep.

Avoid Alcohol

Many people want to have a drink to relax at the end of the day, but alcohol before going to bed can interrupt sleep because it is treated by the liver and this process takes about two hours. It is therefore recommended not to drink alcohol before going to bed.

Get Up From The Bed

How can one fall asleep if one is not in bed? When a person stays in bed and can not sleep, the room can cause anxiety. So if after 15 or 20 minutes you can not sleep, the best thing to do is get up and sit in another room of the house until you feel slightly sleepy. (e). At that time, you can go back to bed.

We share unconventional sleeping tips with you how to get sleep and stay asleep. if you have more tips for sleeping habit. feel free to share in the comments below.