9 Tips For Sleeping Well In Winter To Stay Fresh

Summer and the heat wave are definitely over for the next few months. Yes, but here it is not always easy to fall asleep while shivering and having icy feet. During the winter season, the rhythm of life slows down and the desire to snuggle up by the fireside is irresistible. Winter Encourages us to Eat More and sleeps more. It's proven, we sleep more when the thermometer is close to the negative temperatures. That's why here are our 9 tips for sleeping well in winter.

The ideal temperature for quality sleep:

Even if it does not seem like much, the ideal temperature to fall asleep quickly is between 17 ° and 22 ° C. Indeed, a room overheated at night is often the cause of insomnia and frequent awakenings. That's why, even in winter, you have to open the window and turn off the heat. Well, it's true, jumping out of bed is difficult when it's curled up in the bedroom, so be sure to put your bathrobe next to you to put it on when you get up.

A quilt for a good room:

During the cold season, if you have trouble with the cold, consider investing in a good duvet. For a good night's sleep, it is recommended to have enough warm bed linen, especially if you turn off the heating. For the choice of the duvet, you have the choice between the models in feathers and down which evacuate the humidity while preserving the heat of the body. There are also quilts in wool and silk that are more expensive, but which ensure optimal regulation of the body temperature. Or, your heart can swing for a synthetic duvet that is a good alternative.

Easy Dress or Pajamas?

Sleeping naked when it is cold has health benefits. Why? Because the blood circulation is favored and the heat does not weigh down the body. Moreover, when you wake up, you feel fresh and really rested. Indeed, to sleep well in winter, prefer Eve's outfit, it provides a real sense of well-being, because endorphins are released more easily during sleep.

Of course, if you can not stand to sleep naked, it is possible to wear cotton pajamas that retain body heat. You can also protect your little feet from a pair of comfortable socks. Be aware that heat loss is always greater at the ends.

The Little Hot Water Bottle:

Slip into your bed, just before going to bed, the traditional hot water bottle . Indeed, it has magical powers, because it warms the sheets and makes it easier to fall asleep. The heat it diffuses gradually fades as you plunge into the arms of Morpheus. However, be careful not to burn yourself.

Eat Light:

Yes, it's out of the question to eat good sauerkraut just before going to bed. During the winter, it is best to eat good hot soup and consume good sugars such as honey . Forget everything else, such as exciting drinks, quick sugars, fried foods or casseroles.

A Warm Bath:

Here is one of the many pleasures of winter, a good hot bath to sleep well in winter. One hour before going to bed, take a bath to relax your body and keep your body temperature high. Do not forget to add salts or dry flowers to improve this moment well for you

Small Exercises:

They can raise the internal temperature while you get ready to go to bed. Indeed, simple stretching with deep breathing exercises can warm you up.

A little Hot Herbal Tea:

A hot drink also increases the temperature of the body to offer you a sweet feeling of well-being. However, forget the caffeine-based drinks.

Take advantage of body heat:

This is one of the best ways to stay heated during the night. So stick to your Jules and enjoy his warmth