Everything We Need To Know About Serotonin Hormone of Happiness

Serotonin, also known as the "hormone of happiness", is a chemical that plays a key role in the mood and function of the human body. This hormone transmits messages between the brain's nerve cells and, according to scientists, it greatly influences behavior and decision-making.

The production of serotonin affects the whole body as it plays a big role both in feelings and sleep, eating, digestion and motor skills. In addition, according to studies, low levels of serotonin appear to contribute to depression, anxiety, anger, insomnia, migraine and bipolar disorder.

Serotonin And Sex

Differences are found in the sex ratio of serotonin. In particular, studies have shown that men make 52% faster serotonin than women. This means that women, as they have the latest production rate of this hormone are more likely to be affected more when suddenly exposed to severe conditions of stress. due to some unpleasant situation. This could also be an explanation for the fact that depression rates are lower in men.

Serotonin and Diet

Serotonin is mainly found in the digestive system but is found in platelets and throughout the central nervous system. More specifically, it is created by the basic amino acid tryptophan which enters the body through nutrition. The amino acid tryptophan is found mainly in bananas, pineapples, fruits, black chocolate, cheese, carbohydrates, and fatty fish. So putting these foods in the weekly food program helps our body feel and work better.

Other Natural Ways to Increase Serotonin

In addition to eating certain foods, there are other natural ways that we can increase serotonin in our body so we can feel better and be happier and healthier. These include exposure to solar radiation, daily exercise, meditation. All of these activities trigger the production of serotonin by the body helping to reduce stress, putting a brake on the negative mood and promoting the adoption of a positive perception of life.

Serotonin and Bad Habits

Serotonin not only increases with the above positive practices but also decreases due to harmful habits of the organism. So many people when they feel bad tends to unhealthy carbohydrates like chips and sweets in order to feel better through eating.

The nicotine also affects the neurotransmitters in the brain causing the secretion of serotonin which explains why smoking is so addictive character and why smokers who try to quit smoking are several variations available.

Avoiding the above bad habits but having a weekly eating program that includes healthy foods rich in amino acid tryptophan, putting the gym into our lives, taking advantage of the sun that is abundant in our country, and finally adopting a more general positive treatment in life we are pushing our body into producing more serotonin. In turn, serotonin can improve the quality of our daily lives by making us happier, calm, more concentrated and emotionally stable.