Four Beauty Trends That Will Stand out In 2018

We like to be always half, maybe one step ahead. And now that the year's report is being done, we want to know first Four Beauty Trends That Will Stand out In 2018 and what you need to know about 2018, in the piece of beauty that is relevant to us.

Lips With Glitter.

 Wet lipstick and then glitter powder on different points of the lips. The future will be unrealistically fairy-tale. And it's not that difficult to achieve. Here we have Tip How To Girls Get Soft Smooth Lips Easily.

Metal Eyebrows. 

Adorned, too. Apply some petroleum jelly on our eyebrows (assuming it is rather dense) and add a little bronze shade with a brush. So simple. Add or remove depending on the situation.
You may need to Bleach Your Eyebrows at Home  and Get Rid Puffy Eyes

Scarred Lipstick. 

But can it be a trend? And yet. We saw the models in the catwalk with some red lips that gave the feeling that they were painted in the mirror of the car or without the help of a mirror, and now we are called to imitate them. We will not have difficulty. Forget the contour and put on your lips with your fingers. Give a kiss to your handkerchief and you're ready.

Extremely Long Hair.

Even better. Until the middle; Yes. Real; Yes. Because if it's extensions, it's hard to make the result look natural. So, treat, girls, and masks, to have been out until summer.

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