Hira Ali Studios Debut Bridal Collection BREAK THE MOULD

Pakistan's Fashion House Hira Ali Studios Debut Bridal Collection Break The Mould. Hira Ali Studio Introduced its first bridal collection

Hira Ali Studio bridal collection titled as Break The Mould and has the modern design for the bridal. Fashion forward silhouettes exquisite craftsmanship and minute attention to detail.

Zara Gul is the hair and makeup artist and Anaum Hammad is the stylist who is featuring the leading model Zara Peerzada. Photographer Maham Iqbal Bosan lent her expertise to photo shoot to capture the groundbreaking Break The Mould Collection. Hira Ali who is the creative designer is sharing her inspiration behind this collection.

The Philosophy of Hira who presenting reformist fashion and the collection Break The Mould presents silhouettes the are modern. let's take a look at Hira Ali Studio's Break The Mould pictures.

Hira Ali Studios Bridal Collection BREAK THE MOULD