Learn Why You Should Not Avoid Carbohydrates

Not all carbohydrates are equals. Accept this for granted, get to know them, choose the right ones and love them without remorse. Learn Why You Should Not Avoid Carbohydrates. 

Do you hear carbohydrates and your mind goes to pasta, bread and sweets? Review. Not all carbohydrates are loaded with calories and if you do not receive them in the quantities you need, you will lose their beneficial properties . Like the following:

Digestive Improvement:

 Their insoluble plant fibers facilitate digestion and prevent constipation, while their solvents create a type of gel that helps reduce cholesterol absorption by the body. Make sure your daily intake reaches about 25 grams a day through fruits and vegetables.

Increased Energy: 

Complex carbohydrates function as fuel for the muscles while at the same time they do good to the brain, bones, hormones and heart. And if you are looking for extra extra energy, combine fruit with yogurt or wholemeal crackers with turkey and vegetables.


If you consume foods rich in complex carbohydrates such as pasta and wholemeal bread, brown rice, sweet potatoes, etc., then you contribute to the production of serotonin from the body, a chemical that calms the body, regulates our mood and appetite, and plays a role in the fight against painYou Should Avoid These Foods If You Suffering Chronic Pain


 In fruits and vegetables, which are rich in carbohydrates, we find important vitamins, such as vitamin C, B2 (riboflavin), folic acid, B3 (niacin), B5 (pantothenic acid), in combination with metals such as manganese, the zinc, but also iron. All of the above plays an important role in the fight against diseases, stimulating the immune system and in the healthy functioning of the body.