Man Who Has The Beard Has The Sun Protection

A recent study by the Queensland University in Australia showed that beard offers 90 to 95 percent protection from dangerous ultraviolet rays with a protection index of up to 21.

Man Who Has The Beard Has The Sun Protection. Professor Parisi from university Australia explains that although beards do not offer protection for the sunscreen, "it is certainly a factor in preventing ultraviolet radiation."

At the same time, Dr. Adam Friedmann developed the reasons why the beard is delaying the aging process, keeping the skin youthful and wrinkled (of course, one wonders what a young and wrinkled skin has when it is covered by a bushy beard).

"Sun exposure is the number one cause of photoaging and skin lesions, so it makes sense that if your face is covered by a thick beard it will protect your skin from the signs of aging," says Dr Friedmann.

However, as Dr. Anil says, "protection against ultraviolet radiation depends on the thickness and density of the beard". In short, the greater the coverage of hairs on our face, the better.