We Uncover Eight Myths About Food Poisoning

Consuming infected foods can easily happen Food Poisoning to everyone, especially if we think there are about 250 diseases caused by eating. Some are due to bacteria and others to harmful chemicals, so let's take a look at the Myths behind a food poisoning so we know what is true and what not in these cases.

Myth # 1: I was poisoned by the last thing I ate

In fact, most harmful bacteria take several hours to get sick, so do not take your mind to the last thing you put on your plate. It may have been what you ate last night or even something that you sting earlier.

Myth # 2: The more chlorine I use, the more bacteria I kill, 

the more important it is to ensure that any surface that may have been exposed to microbes is clean and not to bleed at one point, Use 1 teaspoon of bleach in water and generally do not forget to thoroughly clean your cutting boards and household tools to prevent the spread of germs.

Myth # 3: I can not get sick from cleaned fruits and vegetables

And yet it's done! Chemicals and bacteria can easily pass through the peel inside the fruit when cut. Be sure to wash all kinds of food, no matter how you plan to consume them and choose, as far as possible, organic. Avoid using dishwashing detergent, which can be left in the food and make it dangerous.

Myth # 4: I am a vegetarian, so I risk less

Although products of animal origin such as meat and uncooked cheese are common "guilty" in cases of poisoning, it does not mean that fruits and vegetables are "innocent". Unsafe practices by farmers or distributors, as well as wildlife, as well as polluted irrigation water, can saturate bacteria in the garments.

Myth # 5: poisoning is not something serious, it will pass in a day

Even though most cases cause mild symptoms for one or two days, others may even prove fatal - In United States of American three thousand people die from diseases related to food. On the other hand, poisoning can lead to kidney failure when a bacterial infection such as E. coli affects the digestive agent toxic substances that destroy the red blood cells, causing organ injury. Although it is rare, a small percentage of people affected by Salmonella or develop joint pain, which can lead to chronic arthritis.

Myth # 6: Rinse the meat by removing the bacteria

Apparently, by putting a chicken breast under the tap before cooking, rinse it. In fact, however, the juices of a raw poultry or seafood will dirty your sink, your stalls and whatever is nearby, sowing microbes everywhere.

Myth # 7: I do not have to put hot food in the refrigerator

The truth is that the bacteria are proliferating rapidly in a food that is at room temperature for more than two hours and can be spoiled very quickly in the summer months. The best thing you can do is split the food into smaller quantities and put it in a shallow pot, which will cool faster in the refrigerator.

Myth # 8: I can eat food that has been left out of the refrigerator since I will reheat it.

Some bacteria, such as Staphylococcus and Bacillus cereus, produce toxins that are not destroyed if we reheat the food, however high the temperature is. So always throw food that has been left on your kitchen counter for over 2 hours.