Why Do We Eat More in Winter - Seasonal Affective Disorder

Why Do We Eat More in Winter? How does the weather affect our mood and consequently the food we choose to consume?

Who does not want a hot chocolate wrapped in the quilt a cold afternoon? We have all noticed that, even if we are in the warm, the lack of light in itself is enough to open our appetite for something "sweet". This behavior is not accidental.

Studies in different populations worldwide are due to Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) or Winter Depression.

  1. This disorder occurs in people with normal mental health in the course of the year, but causes them symptoms of depression, especially in the winter months.
  2. Common symptoms overlap and are mainly weakness, the constant need for rest and sleep, and the tendency to over-eat foods, especially carbohydrates, which leads to weight gain.  Also, those who generally resort to food during times of stress or distress are more likely to experience it. Foods consumed to a large extent by people with SAD contain both carbohydrates and fat, as are all sweets. 
  3.  It is noteworthy that, in the majority of studies, this constant craving was more pronounced in the afternoon hours while receding not only with the end of the winter but also with exposure to light. 

However, although not all of this disorder, increased sweat consumption in the winter months is a common phenomenon.

Four tips to boost your mood and not to succumb to the cravings:

1. Do Not Buy All That You Know Will Fatten You

It's as simple as it sounds. If there are not all these temptations hidden in the closet, you will definitely resort to healthier choices.

2. Prefer Homemade Snacks

Outside it rains and is the best time for your favorite series. So why not choose a healthy snack such as unsalted nuts, yogurt dipped vegetables, homemade sweet potato chips, yogurt with honey, cereal bar, roasted apple with cinnamon and honey.

3. Before Opening The Refrigerator, Make 3 Questions to Yourself:

  • Am I hungry or am I thirsty? But most of the time, behind the craving, the body's need for hydration is in fact hidden.
  • Am I hungry or am I bored? Many times to fight boredom we turn to food.
  • I'm hungering or is something troubled by me? As we even said, a rainy dark day is enough to negatively affect our psychology. Remember, however, that eating sweets every time we worry does not alleviate the symptoms, as a vicious circle of guilt is being created that further aggravates our mood.

4. Gymnastics Is A Natural Antidepressant. 

How many studies and articles have rightly been written about the benefits of physical activity in physical and mental health. Even if you are the people who are bored of the gym or do not love running too much, there are always alternatives. Cycling, traditional and modern dances, martial arts, aerobics, and even fast walking most of the week will enhance your body's strength and defense, help you maintain a normal body weight and improve your mood and self-confidence. It is no coincidence that in northern countries, such as Sweden, running is a daily habit for all ages and especially rainy days. We suggest you 12 Fitness Myths and Truths That Can Help You Stay Fit
And remember, winter is the best time to find friends, go to the theater, cinema, discover new hubs in town and have fun. Make healthy choices to strengthen your body's defense and mood and ... enjoy it!