Why We Have To Work Less After 40 Age

New research shows that excessive brain stimulation may be counterproductive in the workplace for those who have pushed 40. so let's explain Why We Have To Work Less After 40 Age

Stimulation of the brain is important at every stage of life so that one can keep his mind in good shape at older ages. However, as excessive exercise can cause problems, too much brain stimulation may be counterproductive.

According to a new survey by the Melbourne Institute of Applied Economics and Social Research, people over the age of 40 should not work long hours, as this may speed up cognitive decline. Its main symptoms are the inability to concentrate and memory problems, which usually result from many hours of work.

The survey of the Institute involved 3,500 women and 3,000 men aged over 40, and the results showed that the ideal number of working hours is 30 per week. Researchers observed that after 30 hours of work the participants' performance began to decline, while things were even worse for those who worked over 55 hours.

In cognitive tests, participants had to read fast and loud letters and numbers and repeat number lists. As the test editor, Professor Colin McKenzie explained, the results show the participants' potential for thinking and understanding. More specifically, reading reflects the cognitive functions of the subject, while thinking the ability is found in memory as well as in the abstract and executive reasoning process.

The professor stressed that there is a tendency to increase retirement limits, but working hours should be taken seriously to avoid problems. It is worth noting that the research does not take into account the nature of the participants' work, so further observations and analysis will be needed for safe conclusions.