5 Grandma's Beauty Secrets That Work Like Charm

We like traditional advice and we have begun to stop looking for it. They have been tested over the years, and now is the time to re-think and apply the Five Grandma's Beauty Secrets That Work Like Charm.

1. The only way to curl our hair and not to worry is to wrap them in the evening while they are bathed and slightly fresh, like snails or newspaper paper. In the morning we wake up with ... natural curl.

2. Olive oil is perhaps the most effective treatment for damaged, dry, dull hair. Instead of trade masks, we can simply try to put extra virgin olive oil once a month. We may have difficulty shortly after in bathing, but, we said, beauty requires sacrifices.

3. Eyebrows do not want bumps, wax, thread, we just have to treat them with almond oil every night and take care of them with a tweezer to clean them, discreetly, without any quick moves.

4. If we do not have a blouse in the bag, we can always try with the lip of the lipstick to spread a small circle on our cheeks, quenching it so that the effect is not intense, ideally in fuchsia, pink or red hue. Shake fearlessly.

5. When there were not so many cosmetics, make-up products, pallets with all the colors of the rainbow, women were always beautiful, definitely more natural. We do not say we start rubbing our lips with ice cubes to make it fleshy or to shave our cheeks to make it more rosy, but what would you say to try to ask today Mom, Grandma, Aunt, Beloved beauty tips from yesterday? Is there anything nicer?