5 Secrets To Wake Up With Perfect Hair In The Morning

The truth is that when we have nice, healthy, shiny hair,  we feel beautiful, full of confidence. Hairdressers insist that there is a way to always be tidy. Hear what 5 Secrets To Wake Up With Perfect Hair In The Morning they say to their faithful clients?

1. If you like the natural movement in your hair, that is to say, a light wavy, then you can wash them in the evening, leave them almost fresh and make a loose shank before falling to sleep. Spend 10 minutes in the morning to mess up and you're ready.

2. If you still want to be even more upset, in style when it looks naughty (and nicely-made), you can dry it, but not again completely, and then passionately turn around on the pillow. When you wake up, your hair will be more unruly than ever before.

3. If you want something more carefree and have a little time in the evening, wrap your hair in big rolls. When you wake the next day, give volume to the root, spray your hair with dry shampoo, and you're ready. The second day, they will have fallen more and will be even better.

4. You can wrap your hair down in a knot, in the same direction, not with hairpins, but a special rubber that does not bruise the hair. Experiment until you find the perfect ripple.

5. Our hairdressers recommend that we never cheek our hair in the morning because they are electrified, and prefer our fingers and magic products in order to shame them. Do they want to convince us to go to the salon more often? For appointments with round brushes, irons, and lacquers?