Chef Zubaida Apa Passes Away in Karachi After Illness

Pakistani renowned chef Zubaida Apa passes away Thursday night in Karachi after an illness.Anwar Masood who is the brother of Zubaida Apa confirmed this sad news to media.  

The funeral prayer will be after Friday prayer at Sultan Mosque Defence area. If we talk about Famous Zubaida Apa original name Mrs. Zubaida Tariq write a lot of cookbooks and host many cooking shows. She advises on the regular basis on many tv channels regarding Culinary and Zubaida Apa Become a household name across all Pakistan.

Zubaida Tariq Apa made her TV debut in 1996 she was aged 50s and her first programme was Dalda Ka Dastarkhawan which become a most popular show of Pakistan in the evening time. Zubaida Apa had nine siblings, including Anwar Masood who is a playwright, Zehra Nigah a poet, Sughra Kazmi a designer and the late Fatima Surraiya Bajiya a drama writer.

When Apa made her first food to cook at her laws was ruined she never knows how to cook when she moved to Lahore. She had attempted to cook "Karhi" a Chickpea Flour Dish. She convinced her husband to take him out to eat chines food and Now the End of an Era "Zubaida Apa"