Five Mistakes We Would Not Want To See Again In Men's Fashion

Mistakes we see them again and again, we label them (with the look) but we do not see progress. Is it time to throw away all those you wear with pride, but should you remove yourself from your wardrobe without emotionality? lets discussed Five Mistakes We Would Not Want To See Again In Men's fashion

1. Apparel and Accessories that smell naphthalene. Jackets, scarves, coats, jackets, that betray their years, look troubled, worn out, old. Instead of grumble about the crisis, it is preferable to wear fewer things more often than to appear with things that do not flatter you, and you may not even have gone 10 years ago.

2. Petrolised Jeans. And when I'm talking about petty jeans, I mean all these jeans with unorthodox painting, the jeans of the painter, the painter, even with tears, holes, cuffs ... Modern jeans are dark, they are well cared for, they do not even have a blemish. All others are old-fashioned and belong strictly in the 80s, along with the friends. Not even.

3. Pink Shirts, pink pole, pink sweater. Sweet shades, pastel colors, from green to violet, do not fit most men. Especially with gray wool, the contrast is rather disappointing. Prefer earth colors, white and black, blue, even red or orange. But pink? Never again.

4. Variant Clothes. Khaki, military, multi-purpose, forbidden in the city. And off. We tried to see boys and men of all ages in military uniforms, like living in a camp ... So anything that khaki, unless it is strictly monochrome, is granted, removed, and not reappeared.

5. Gym Equipment. Especially if it's up and down, a matching Jersey sweatshirt with the same pants, it does not mean anything other than pajamas, it often smells unpleasant and is no longer worn in the gym. Outside; For coffee; In the Supermarket; Feel sad. Try changing form pants, blue or black, with a dark blouse, firm, short-sleeved and a gray hooded jacket. Better now; Aesthetics, of course.