Four Ways To Make Smart Hairs Horsetail

We like to always have Hair Horsetail, but this is not always feasible. So, the most practical solution is to lift our hair up, but not in style, In style Four Ways To Make Smart Hair Horsetail

1. The first secret is that our hair is not frizzy because it will slip. So, on the second day after shampooing, and after spraying with dry shampoos, whether curly or straight, we can tie them down to the neck and start combing them upside down with a comb to make them more unruly.

2. The other suggestion is, as the hair is down and dry, bend our head upside down, sprinkle our root with a volume spray and think of something nice for 30 seconds until the spray is dry. When we lift our head back, our hair will have movement and volume. With the fingers, we will gather them back, clinging to them, low.

3. For a more perfect and refined result, you can use the hair iron while you are already caught ponytail, high or low, it is not so important. We pass each small tuft, slowly and steadily, for a smooth result. Not all the hair together, because then we will be delayed longer, no matter how much we are in a hurry.

4. Hide the rubber band with a small tuft your hair. A movement that is actually easier than we imagine. When lifting them up to tie them, hold a small tuft from behind and wrap it carefully around the rubber band. You can fasten it with tweezers or hairpins, whichever suits you best. And if it makes it hard for you, find a cloth that can fit you the most. To be sure your ponytail will remain in place, add a little water. That's it.