How We Adopt The Shading of 2018 and Beauty

When we already know that purple will be the color of the year 2018, we can make sure to launch it with now, with smart moves. We Adopt The Shading of 2018 and Beauty.  

Shadow. Whatever the color of our eyes, the truth is that with the proper shade we can show it even more. So we can only play with the appropriate shade, smoother or more intense. And to see how suddenly from brown or honey, our eyes will become ... green.

Lipstick. The more intense, the better. But even "killed" to be, again will be a more interesting smile. So here we have to play to see if we want a matte or glossy effect.

Eyeliner or Eye Pencil. If we want to match eye contours with mascara to highlight our eyelashes, let's look for something purple dark, almost black.

Wrapping. Because the products can make our the mood, or even the wearer we put them, let's start with the easy ones. And let's give a gift to ourselves a violet beauty accessory, listening to Purple Rain by Prince, in a mood, not mournful, but festive.