How We Care Our Skin Before and After Party

Even if we have our blacks and we are in the category of those who are melancholy during the holiday season, a bit cold, a bit of the makeup above, we certainly can benefit from some simple advice. How We Care Our Skin Before and After Party Especially on Sunday 

It is the moment when we finally want to make a gift to ourselves. And buy at least one product we stun all year round or ask for a gift. It's never too late to look for the perfect day or night cream at the magical jar. The countdown has begun.

Mask two days before the rebellion? Why not; It's no time to be lazy now, we have every reason to overdo it and exaggerate a little. Or too. And care does not necessarily cost expensive, especially when we can do it alone at home.

The day we know we'll go out, even if we're going to go home, it's necessary to add something for shine, from a stick with a concealer and a silver-gray to rhinestones and tiny stars over the shadow.

Eye masks? Serum? Eye cream? We should not forget the before and after. And invest in our skin. Because we do not want to be bright and shine for a few hours, we want to look rested after the night.

So, then. We change our routine and invest in our skin, even if it means staying unpainted for a few days.