What Are Secrets To Make Base More To Your Face

Women of all ages dream a person who will look rested at all times as if we slept for 12 hours. Is there a way to fool the mirror and the time? So What Are TheSecrets To Make Base More To Your Face 

Makeup artists insist that everything is done with the right product. We can not do miracles, but we can surely cover black circles, expression wrinkles, scars, pimples ...

The most important thing to do initially is proper hydration because the base goes and sticks where the skin is dehydrated and the result is definitely not desirable.

So choose a cream that is absorbed easily and quickly. And when we find it, we do not change it, because whoever has time to waste time and money?
The next step is to put a primer, this product that helps extend the time when we want our face to be bright and healthy.

And right after that, we stretch with the steady and upward movements the liquid base that we have chosen and that fits the shade of the facial skin, does not contrast with our neck or hands.

The powder, however much we like because it spreads perhaps more easily, is dry, dry, and liquid Mexico is threateningly on the lines, enhancing every blemish.

So, stretch the base always starting from the front. And then on each cheek, the rest of the face, and of course the throat. For a more stable result, we put transparent powder only in the center of the face. Botox; No, proper hydration.