Why You Should Not Throw Away Sprouted Garlic

Sprouted garlic contains five times more antioxidants than ungerminated garlic.Well, it's a very big mistake. According to the latest study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 

On the nutritional level, there is no reason to throw Sprouted Garlic: it is not toxic and even concentrates many elements deemed to have a preventive action against cardiovascular diseases. However, the germ contains more sulfur derivatives than the rest of the garlic and these are not always well tolerated digestive.

You find that certainly strange, but that makes sense if you take into account the decision of food companies and restaurants to offer sprouted seeds, nuts, and legumes. In fact, when they are sprouted, it really improves the nutritional content. According to the latest study, this also applies to garlic.
" When the plants germinate, they are susceptible to bacteria, viruses and insects, " says Dr. Jong-Sand Kim, author of the study. " As they are more sensitive, they begin to produce phytoalexins, substances with a strong protective effect. The majority of them are toxic to microorganisms and insects, but quite beneficial to human health ".
Sprouted or ungerminated garlic is always a good choice. Both contain sulfur compounds excellent for health, such as allicin, and many studies have shown that these compounds can slow atherosclerosis, and lower blood pressure and the risk of certain cancers.

Garlic to Stay Healthy

Garlic also has anti-aging properties. In 2001, Chinese scientists studied the number of centenarians in Jinshan, China. This region had 35 centenarians, a figure 7 times higher than the average of the country. Scientists have discovered that these people have been eating garlic daily since childhood! Indeed, garlic is rich in antioxidants that neutralize free radicals, stimulate the immune system while protecting the body's cells.

Garlic is also a very effective antimicrobial, rich in vitamin C, iodine, magnesium and sulfur that strengthen the immune system and prevent respiratory infections, colds or flu. Germinated or not, do not hesitate to consume!

It is interesting to know that sprouted foods have great benefits for our health.

Germination is what will transform a garlic head into a real plant, which will produce new fruits.

During this process, the plant produces more vitamins and more protein. It also develops its regenerating and revitalizing power.

It is therefore important to take into account this aspect with all other foods that can sprout, such as onions, peas, fennel, etc

Treasures of Nature that should not be missing in your daily diet!