You Should Cover Your Nails With Color That Suits You

There are women who go for a manicure (and pedicure) every week because they can not see their nails naked. Can you at least know which shade suits you when you polish your nails? You Should Cover Your Nails With Color That Suits You and Shape of Nails Should Be According to Shape of Your Hands.

You may not have thought of it until now, but what makes the difference is the color of the skin and especially the color in your hands. If you are tanned (still), the Nail Polish we will use should be different from the one that will fit in white skin.

French and coral in the sun-dipped fingers and dark shades in the rosiest for contrast? Something like that. They say that even if our hands are even newer, it is good to avoid phosphorescent Nail polish, let's prefer if we insist on vivid shades, orange or blue.

Paste chops, along with yellow and green, always bring summer closer, at the same time as shades brushed directly into our nails, such as pink matte and beige, show our fingers long and thin. And, yes, as much as we like dark colors such as deep burgundy, the truth is that our toenails diminish, but especially in the winter, we also want to be a little bit melancholy,