HSY Showcased Mohabbat Nama Collection in Solo Show

Pakistan’s iconic fashion designer HSY celebrated his twenty-four years of fashion with a primary of its kind solo show expertise in his home city of Lahore; showcasing Mohabbat Nama, HSY dressmaking. The social function collection was given against a historical background at the historic Haveli of Wajid Ali Shah, Lahore.
The expertise was inaugurated with a moving narration of the words of Faiz Ahmed Faiz in Lahore as narrated by his daughter, creative person Salima Hashmi.

Then, set to a sound recording of a number of Pakistan’s most iconic music through the years, HSY’s Mohabbat Nama came to life with over seventy models adorned in HSY dressmaking, with superstar and HSY muse Reema Khan closing the show. every outfit worn has been named when the model wearing it in tribute to them and their careers. so the show additionally featured those a part of the HSY twenty-four-year inheritance journey; from original supermodels ZQ, Natasha Hussain, Simi Pasha, Vaneeza Ahmed, Abdullah Ejaz, and Andleeb Rana; to Nael Ahmed and old collaborator and stylist Shahzad Raza and HSY’s initial ever model, his sister.

The event was managed by Jalal Salahuddin Events, PR by Lotus shopper Management and public relations, occupation partner cosa nostra, videography by Videographers, Photography by Team devil's darning needle, Airline Partner Shaheen Airlines, Makeup Partner Nabila N-PRO, logistics partner Re-START stigmatisation Solutions, Hospitability partner Faletti’s hotel, Backstage management by Production 021, Transport Partner Destinatons, Music by Jamal Rahman, Event tech by Saad Hayat, Campaign videos by Filumbaaz, Paragon studios and 1947 (Hiba & Adil), Security by SSB Squad, On Ground Support by walled town Authority.

“Mohabbat Nama or love letter is my tribute to my town with its inheritance, tradition, and heritage given as a whole show ‘experience’. tonight steeped within the romance of Lahore was hosted in a very haveli over 250 years previous and favored by the fifth King of Oudh. based mostly within the walled town of Lahore, the haveli is immersed in its own history of the Nawab’s courts, its romance, intrigues, poetry, dance, design and ambition, all of that on behalf of me given the proper palette for this collection. each component of the show had been curated: every look, every outfit, each model, each walk, each sound, light, projection; the cookery expertise; the music experience.

Mohabbat Nama is then additionally equally a journey of my evolution as I'm myself a Musafir of time; it's a show wherever I looked to my past and also the HSY legacy; wherever we tend to start with our initial collections, solo shows, shoots, models, make-up artists, stylists, incorporating all of those components inside the show. every outfit during this show has been created bespoke, for every model associate degreed temperament within the show; making harmony between the fashion} and also the person {who|one that|one who} wears it; for at HSY a model isn't merely somebody who wears what's placed on them however rather a designer of her own style and magnificence.” said Hassan Sheheryar Yasin.

Mohabbat Nama is associate degree HSY dressmaking collection with all motifs and accessories created in the Asian nation by Team HSY.

HSY Showcased Mohabbat Nama Collection in Solo Show