Sapphire Eid Edition 2018 Women Eid Collection

Sapphire Eid Edition 2018 collection 3piece With the price, Sapphire is recognized as a main street whole of Pakistan.

This fashion industry giant is supported by mister. mohammad Abdulla,h he`s been in business for more fifty years. it's one of the oldest and most famous business homes of pakistan they have a long history of producing premier quality merchandise.

After a change of integrity hands with pakistan well known ladies designer Khadija shah (who even have her own whole Élan,) this brand capture almost the industry in no time this brand is most versatile and appropriate for ladies of all ages.

Sapphire has a large variety of lawn, chiffon, linen suit collection this brand additionally deals in with men able to wear kurtas and unstitch fabric.

Sapphire Eid Edition 2018 Women Eid Collection