Khaadi Khaas Collection 2018 New Arrival

Khaadi Khaas Collection 2018 New Arrival With Price, This Khaadi Khaas kurta uses traditional block printing techniques, taking inspiration from the rich culture of the Mughal era; the colour palette composition and fine craftsmanship, define elegance in this range.

Khaadi Khaas Collection 2018 New Arrival

Zainab Chottani Latest Partywear Collection 2018

New Arrival Zainab Chottani Formal Collection 2018 A household name and a hot favourite amongst women of all age groups, Zainab Chottani has become especially known for the very elegant cuts and styles of each collection. Her dresses are not only beautiful but also extremely feminine and exude class and royalty like no other.

Zainab Chottani Fancy Collection 2018 Decorated with shades of ivory, this shirt is perfected with floral thread embroidery. Actual colours of the outfit may vary from the colours being displayed on your device.

Zainab Chottani Latest Partywear Collection 2018

MARIA B Luxury Silk Dresses Collection 2018

This winter is made special for every woman with the freshly introduced range of Maria B Luxury silk Collection 2018 available in eye-popping colours.

The collection comprises of quality fabric with elegant and attractive prints.

MARIA B Luxury Silk Dresses Collection 2018

Tabassum Mughal Formal Dresses Collection 2018

Tabassum Mughal’s bridal collection has always inspired women all over the globe.

New Arrival Tabassum Mughal Formal Dresses Collection 2018 A household name and a hot favourite amongst women of all age groups, Tabassum Mughal Haute Couture has become especially known for the very elegant cuts and styles of each collection. Her dresses are not only beautiful but also extremely feminine and exude class and royalty like no other.

Fashion designer of Pakistan Tabassum Mughal’s bridal collection has always inspired women all over the globe. Every sequence and thread on the bridal outfits has a story to tell, coming together to embody a very royal ladylike persona for all those who look at her bridal wear. Tabassum Mughal is known for her hard work and talent and her outfits give you the impression that her heart and soul are poured into the dress.

Tabassum Mughal Formal Dresses Collection 2018

Firdous Fashion Luxury Ready To Wear Dresses Collection 2018

Firdous Fashion New Luxury Ready to wear dresses collection are presented here with new dresses designs & Style.

These dresses are embroidery work & designed in a bright colour.
Our premium, luxury outfits are designed with close attention to detail and using only the highest quality materials. Creating dresses that will have a special place in your wardrobe is something we aspire to achieve.

Firdous Fashion Luxury Ready To Wear Dresses Collection 2018

5 Grandma's Beauty Secrets That Work Like Charm

We like traditional advice and we have begun to stop looking for it. They have been tested over the years, and now is the time to re-think and apply the Five Grandma's Beauty Secrets That Work Like Charm.

1. The only way to curl our hair and not to worry is to wrap them in the evening while they are bathed and slightly fresh, like snails or newspaper paper. In the morning we wake up with ... natural curl.

2. Olive oil is perhaps the most effective treatment for damaged, dry, dull hair. Instead of trade masks, we can simply try to put extra virgin olive oil once a month. We may have difficulty shortly after in bathing, but, we said, beauty requires sacrifices.

3. Eyebrows do not want bumps, wax, thread, we just have to treat them with almond oil every night and take care of them with a tweezer to clean them, discreetly, without any quick moves.

4. If we do not have a blouse in the bag, we can always try with the lip of the lipstick to spread a small circle on our cheeks, quenching it so that the effect is not intense, ideally in fuchsia, pink or red hue. Shake fearlessly.

5. When there were not so many cosmetics, make-up products, pallets with all the colors of the rainbow, women were always beautiful, definitely more natural. We do not say we start rubbing our lips with ice cubes to make it fleshy or to shave our cheeks to make it more rosy, but what would you say to try to ask today Mom, Grandma, Aunt, Beloved beauty tips from yesterday? Is there anything nicer?

You Should Cover Your Nails With Color That Suits You

There are women who go for a manicure (and pedicure) every week because they can not see their nails naked. Can you at least know which shade suits you when you polish your nails? You Should Cover Your Nails With Color That Suits You and Shape of Nails Should Be According to Shape of Your Hands.

You may not have thought of it until now, but what makes the difference is the color of the skin and especially the color in your hands. If you are tanned (still), the Nail Polish we will use should be different from the one that will fit in white skin.

French and coral in the sun-dipped fingers and dark shades in the rosiest for contrast? Something like that. They say that even if our hands are even newer, it is good to avoid phosphorescent Nail polish, let's prefer if we insist on vivid shades, orange or blue.

Paste chops, along with yellow and green, always bring summer closer, at the same time as shades brushed directly into our nails, such as pink matte and beige, show our fingers long and thin. And, yes, as much as we like dark colors such as deep burgundy, the truth is that our toenails diminish, but especially in the winter, we also want to be a little bit melancholy,

5 Secrets To Wake Up With Perfect Hair In The Morning

The truth is that when we have nice, healthy, shiny hair,  we feel beautiful, full of confidence. Hairdressers insist that there is a way to always be tidy. Hear what 5 Secrets To Wake Up With Perfect Hair In The Morning they say to their faithful clients?

1. If you like the natural movement in your hair, that is to say, a light wavy, then you can wash them in the evening, leave them almost fresh and make a loose shank before falling to sleep. Spend 10 minutes in the morning to mess up and you're ready.

2. If you still want to be even more upset, in style when it looks naughty (and nicely-made), you can dry it, but not again completely, and then passionately turn around on the pillow. When you wake up, your hair will be more unruly than ever before.

3. If you want something more carefree and have a little time in the evening, wrap your hair in big rolls. When you wake the next day, give volume to the root, spray your hair with dry shampoo, and you're ready. The second day, they will have fallen more and will be even better.

4. You can wrap your hair down in a knot, in the same direction, not with hairpins, but a special rubber that does not bruise the hair. Experiment until you find the perfect ripple.

5. Our hairdressers recommend that we never cheek our hair in the morning because they are electrified, and prefer our fingers and magic products in order to shame them. Do they want to convince us to go to the salon more often? For appointments with round brushes, irons, and lacquers?

What Are Secrets To Make Base More To Your Face

Women of all ages dream a person who will look rested at all times as if we slept for 12 hours. Is there a way to fool the mirror and the time? So What Are TheSecrets To Make Base More To Your Face 

Makeup artists insist that everything is done with the right product. We can not do miracles, but we can surely cover black circles, expression wrinkles, scars, pimples ...

The most important thing to do initially is proper hydration because the base goes and sticks where the skin is dehydrated and the result is definitely not desirable.

So choose a cream that is absorbed easily and quickly. And when we find it, we do not change it, because whoever has time to waste time and money?
The next step is to put a primer, this product that helps extend the time when we want our face to be bright and healthy.

And right after that, we stretch with the steady and upward movements the liquid base that we have chosen and that fits the shade of the facial skin, does not contrast with our neck or hands.

The powder, however much we like because it spreads perhaps more easily, is dry, dry, and liquid Mexico is threateningly on the lines, enhancing every blemish.

So, stretch the base always starting from the front. And then on each cheek, the rest of the face, and of course the throat. For a more stable result, we put transparent powder only in the center of the face. Botox; No, proper hydration.

Banana You Will Never Look At It As Before

It's interesting. Banana is rich in magnesium and potassium just like kiwi. Thanks to this, it helps to prevent cramps and aches in the athlete. It can be consumed alone of course but also as a cocktail if it is previously crushed.
Banana contains 3 natural sugars: sucrose, fructose, and glucose mixed with fiber. A banana brings instant, lasting and considerable energy. 

Research has shown that only two bananas provide enough energy for a physical effort of 90 minutes. No wonder bananas are the number one favorite of the world's greatest athletes. But it does not just give us energy, it can help us stay in shape. It can also help us overcome or protect us from a large number of diseases, making it an essential fruit to add to our daily diet.


Rich in iron, bananas can stimulate the production of hemoglobin in the blood and help in case of anemia.

Blood Pressure

This unique tropical fruit is extremely rich in potassium and low in salt, making it a perfect fruit for fighting blood pressure. So much so, that the US Food and Drug Administration has just allowed the banana industry to claim the ability of the fruit to reduce the risk of blood pressure and stroke.


According to a recent study by MIND, many people who suffer from depression have been feeling better after eating a banana. This is because bananas contain tryptophan. A type of protein that the body turns into serotonin, known to relax, improve your mood and make you feel happier overall.
The vitamin B6 it contains regulates the level of glucose in the blood which can affect your mood.

Mental Power

This year, 200 students from a school in Twickenham, England, were helped for their exams by eating bananas at breakfast, lunch break, and lunch to boost the capacity of their brains.


Rich in fiber, including bananas in the ddiet,an help restore the normal action of the colon, helping to overcome the problem without resorting to laxatives.


One of the quickest ways to heal a hangover is to make a banana milkshake, sweetened with honey. It calms the stomach, and with the help of the honey, it raises the blood sugar then depleted, while the milk rehydrates and soothes your system.

Stomach Pains

It has a natural antacid effect in the body, so if you suffer from heartburn, try eating a banana to relieve yourself.

Morning Sickness

Bananas are an ideal snack between meals because they help maintain blood sugar levels and prevent morning sickness.

Mosquito Bites

Before using the insect bite cream, try rubbing the affected area with the inside of a banana peel. Many people find it incredibly effective at reducing swelling and irritation.

Nerves System

Bananas are rich in B vitamins that help calm the nervous system ...
Studies at the Austrian Psychological Institute found that the pressure at work led people to stuff themselves with comfort foods such as chocolate and chips. In 5000 hospitalized patients, the researchers found that obese people were more likely to hold jobs under high pressure.

The report concluded that to avoid cravings induced by uncontrolled cravings, we must control our blood sugar level with snacks of carbohydrate foods every two hours to keep the level constant.

Control Temperature 

Many other cultures see bananas as fruit that can lower the physical and emotional temperature of pregnant women.

In Thailand, for example, pregnant women eat bananas to make sure their babies are born with cool temperatures.


Banana is used as a dietary food for intestinal disorders because of its soft and smooth texture.

This fruit also neutralizes the hyperacidity and reduces the irritation of the lining of the lining of the stomach.
So, a banana is really a natural remedy for many ailments. When you compare it to an apple, it contains FOUR TIMES more protein, TWICE more carbohydrates, three times more phosphorus, five times more vitamin A and iron, and twice as many other vitamins and minerals. It is also rich in potassium.
So perhaps it would be time to change everyone's well-known phrase, 'one banana a day keeps the doctor away!'